PCManFM-QT not saving/retriving passwords for SMB share

I have an NAS drive that I regularly access from my lubuntu machine. However, each time I want to connect to the share over SMB/AFS I need to re-enter the password, even though I select ‘Remember forever’.

The password is saved in seahorse.

I’m running ubuntu 22.10 with PCManFM-QT 1.1.0.

Any ideas on what I need to do to integrate the keyring with PCManFM-QT?

Something I found on linux.com:

Although Seahorse was intended to be used on the GNOME desktop, it can be used with other desktops (such as KDE or Enlightenment). However, since Seahorse was created for GNOME it will not properly integrate into KDE applications.

Not sure how accurate that is still but my assumption would be since it’s a gnome thing, it will likely not integrate well with anything Qt.

You might have to bug the PCManFM-QT devs and see what their take is on it. Otherwise I’m not really sure what else can be done.

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Are you using auto-login (no password) to Lubuntu?
You have to login at least once to unlock the gnome-keyring.

I am using auto-login. When, however, I go to mount the shared drive in PCManFM-QT, it prompts for my login password to unlock the keyring.

At some point I think PCManFM-QT has successfully saved the password—that’s why the password is saved in Seahorse*. The problem seems to be retrieving and using it.

(*The reason I think this is because the laptop has only run Lubuntu with LXQt. I don’t think of any other way the password could have ended up in the keyring.)

What pcmanfm-qt is asking for is not your login password but the
keyring password (which I assume is the same as your login password).
After you give it, you should be able to unmount and remount without having to type in a password again for your session (until you logout or shutdown).
(at least this is what I get).

(Seahorse is just a gui for gnome-keyring. You don’t need it unless you have a lot of passwords in the keyring and you need to manage them.)

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Thanks @humpty.

Yes you’re right that I’m prompted for the keyring password (which is the same as the login password). And that part seems to work.

The problem is that then I’m prompted for the password for the APFS/SMB share, even though (as far as I can tell) it’s saved in the keyring.

The keyring seems to work for each session—the problem is when I logout/reboot then I need to re-enter the password for the APFS/SMB share (I’ve got no concerns about entering the unlock password for the keyring—that’s expected behaviour).

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Again, I didn’t get that problem (when running a copy of 22.10).
What I would try;
a) going into seahorse to see if the password is actually there.
b) un-install seahorse
c) backup all files in ~/.local/share/keyrings, then delete all of them. (This forces a new keyring).
d) reboot and try again.

Aside from that, your symptoms look familiar to this old post which was fixed with LXQt 0.15.

And although it doesn’t look like this problem (which was un-reproducable) but it did have a workaround by either restarting the desktop or pressing F5 (inside the FM) which you can also try.

Thanks Humpty.

  • I’ve checked, the password is in the default keyring (can be seen in seahorse)
  • Deleted seahorse through apt-get.
  • Removed the old keyrings (renamed to keyrings.old)
  • Rebooted
  • Created a new keyring and saved the APFS share password.
  • Rebooted
  • Tried to access the share using the saved password in the keyring (keyring had to be unlocked first) but the saved password wasn’t used/retrieved by PCManFM-QT.


Thanks for the links. I’m aware that PCManFM-QT was meant to be able to use saved passwords since version 0.15 (I started using Lubuntu on this machine prior to that release being included) but it never has for me.

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