PCFileMan-QT doesn't load saved passwords first time


I’m following up on this earlier thread (PCManFM-QT not saving/retriving passwords for SMB share)—because I’ve realised the bug is different from what I first thought.

When accessing a password-protected SMB share (running 23.04) if I

  1. Type in my password to unlock the keychain.
  2. Then a dialogue box is displayed, asking for the username and password for the share (this has previously been saved).
  3. If I click ‘cancel’ and then try to access the share a second time, I can do this without entering the username and password.

What I think this means is that PCFileMan-QT is able to retrieve passwords from the keychain, but there’s a bug doing this the first time. I don’t know how to work out if the problem is with the PCFileMan or with the keychain system.

Is this the right place to raise this bug, or should I open an issue somewhere else?

These instructions for reporting bugs should still be irrelevant but tl;dr not here.


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