"Remember forever" for smb share login not remembering

When I mount a samba network share with pcmanfm-q I enter the login credentials and select “Remember forever”. My problem is it is not remembering forever. After a day or two, no reboots, it will ask me to login again. I do not experience this issue on other distros. Is there something that I’m missing that’s unique to Lubuntu?

Do you have (keyring) installed?

libpam-gnome-keyring is already installed. Is this not correct for Lub 20.04?

I did a comparison test using seahorse and a different distro. When I mount the network share in Lubuntu 20.04 and then open seahorse I do not see the login saved anywhere. Doing the same on MX Linux 19.1, the login is listed and saved. What am I missing here?

I ran this same test in Xubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu MATE 20.04, and Linux Mint 19.3. The login credentials were listed as saved in seahorse for each. This is not working for me with Lubuntu 20.04 and might be a deal breaker since I prefer to never store anything locally.

Have you tried the PAM method described here in the Archwiki? Edit your /etc/pam.d/sddm to make SDDM unlock your keyring automatically.

I’m not on my Lubuntu machine at the moment, so I can’t test it myself.

This appears to be related directly to PCmanFM-qt. I installed Thunar and tested this on my Lubuntu 20.04 machine and it works fine. After logging into the network share the saved credentials appear in Seahorse.

Looking into this a bit more, I noticed the release notes for LXQt 0.15 include a line in the PCmanFM-Qt section that says: Mount passwords can be saved (temporarily or permanently) if gnome-keyring is present.

Lubuntu 20.04 uses LXQt 0.14. Possibly this means this issue is fixed in the upcoming version.

Thanks for digging into that. This is strike 2 for me with LXQt and network issues. Hopeful that Lubuntu updates to 0.15.0 soon.

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