Donate to Lubuntu

Today we are excited to announce, after a long, long time coming, that you can donate to Lubuntu and that includes buying merchandise!!

As we announced on the blog, we’ve got Patreon, Liberapay, PayPal, and Teespring all set up. Funds will go towards infrastructure costs, conferences, and, with luck, funding development of Lubuntu.

We will be transparently sharing the accounting. More info on that to come.

You don’t need to throw us hundreds of dollars. Set up a small $1/month contribution on Patreon or buy a sticker. Every little bit helps. That’s how we make Lubuntu better together!


I just went to donate from Liberapay, i couldnt pay with my card, had to use paypal. So, i opened a Patreon account, cuz f paypal.
I would like to use Liberapay.
Edit: I cant use my card on Liberapay for Lubuntu, i can use my card on Liberapay for others.

Working on it. Meanwhile (yes, I know this is not ideal), you could always use your card through PayPal. At least that way you supercede actually using PayPal except as a middleman.

I just ordered a lubuntu T-shirt. I hope you profit from that as well?

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On Teespring? Yep! Wear it proudly!

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