Why Lubuntu 20.10 has less support time?

Why Lubuntu 20.10 has less support time ?
Exactly not is an final version ? is beta ?
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Ubuntu offers two main upgrade paths for server & desktop releases.

Latest software, regular upgrades

Standard releases (non-LTS) have a supported life span of 9 months. Standard releases are released every six months, meaning once the subsequent release has been made, you have 3 months to upgrade to it before your release is EOL (end-of-life).

Using this path means you’ll always have more up-to-date software, however it does mean you’ll need to release-upgrade every 6-9 months.

Longer Support, with only security updates on software

The alternative path is to use LTS or long-term-support releases, ie. 20.04 LTS, the next LTS release will be 22.04 LTS. LTS release have two upgrade paths, to the next release (ie. 20.04 moving to 20.10 & off the LTS path), or from one LTS to the next 22.04 in the future once 22.04.1 has been released.

As the LTS release ages, your software will get older as only security upgrades occur for LTS releases. The use of snap software available does allow later software packages to be used.

Ubuntu releases have always been April & October eac year (with one exception; in 2006 it was June, ie. 6.06 using the year.month format used by Ubuntu and flavors). The first release of the even year is the LTS release, all other release are standard releases.

It’s a choice we have. We can use the option that best suits our needs

  • LTS & fewer release- upgrades
  • or regular release-upgrade & always the latest OS & software

means that 20.10 not is an beta or test version ?

Beta versions are labeled exactly that: Beta. So, no, 20.10 is not a beta or an alpha or anything else. It’s a final release.


The current testing version is hirsute, ie. the next release. (We’re also testing a focal too, which will become 20.04.2; but it’s mostly just a new ISO for new installs).

OS: Lubuntu Hirsute Hippo (development branch) x86_64

Lubuntu groovy was the code name used before 20.10’s release. Officially it was only given 20.10 name on actual release.

This can be missed as many bloggers tend to use 20.10 even before release, hey I did on this site as I feared using a more correct “Lubuntu groovy gorilla BETA testing (what will be 20.10 on release)” would be misunderstood.

Lubuntu 20.10 was released & announced on this site though too though it’s really just a pointer to the official blog notice.


Exactly ! I had read in an site saying that groovy was beta, but now see that not is.
false information spread in internet and the because I had created that post.

Every final release starts as a beta.

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