Lubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) BETA testing

Lubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) BETA testing.

We are pleased to announce that the beta images for Lubuntu 20.10 have been released!

While we have reached the bugfix-only stage of our development cycle, these images are not meant to be used in a production system. We highly recommend joining our development group or our forum to let us know about any issues.

Getting the download

You can download the Groovy Gorilla daily build here.

Recording the results

To record your testing, you’ll need a Launchpad/Ubuntu One login. Go here to create one if you haven’t already got one.

Take a look at the testsuites, though most of our testcases can be found here.

Our current behavior when we run a QA-test install is to use the “Install using Calamares (entire disk)” testcase, where in the Comments section we use the first line to briefly list hardware used, the second line has an entry like

Lenovo V14 IIL,Intel Core i3-1005G1,8GB,256GB SSD
Testcase:BIOS,no encryption,full disk,Internet

which highlights it was a BIOS install, no encyption, full disk with internet connected; all of which matches an testcase found on our checklist.

How you describe your hardware is up to you, I get details from sudo lshw roughly in format “Make model (cpu, ram, gpu)” so my x201 will show as
lenovo thinkpad x201 (i5-m520, 4gb, i915)
but in my testcase example I’ve copied the first two lines from a real QA-test install performed by our most recent Lubuntu member Leó Kolbeinsson.

Reporting bugs

Follow the directions in the testsuite. If it does all of those things, great! If it doesn’t, we do need your help. Please file a bug on your testing box, and record the bug ID in the Bug (or Critical Bug) section in the page when complete.

Follow the directions in the bug report, and be as specific as you can. This is a key step - an unreported bug will be an unfixed bug. For details on reporting bugs please refer to our wiki page and don’t forget to include the bug report number in the test report.


If you have any questions, appropriate places to ask are of course, our discourse site or for faster responses please ask on IRC #lubuntu-devel or via our telegram channel

Please note tests that complete okay with only minor issues should still be PASSED, but the bug ID reported in the “Bugs” section. If you consider it a show-stopper bug, record it in the “Critical bugs” section (failing the test if you believe absolutely necessary).


Thanks in advance to those of you who can help, and please reply on discourse with any issues, concerns, or questions!

Official notice can be found here


There are more red bugs than usual among standard Ubuntu and the flavours. Are you sure that there will be no more version of the Groovy beta iso files?

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No ML post has been seen (I watch closely for Ubuntu-News purposes), however the post was made ~25+ hours after Łukasz ‘sil2100’ Zemczak’s

Flavors! Beta candidate images now ready for testing!

notification in #ubuntu-flavors

If the word candidate was meant to mean RC/release-candidate I glossed over it.

If we get another, that would make me feel a little better, given I had a failed install of Xubuntu groovy today… but I’m aware of MATE & had a Kubuntu successful install today, and Ubuntu-MATE had already posted their BETA announcement.


the ML post I mentioned prior comment

Been running Lu 20.10 for a few months, overall it’s pretty good . . . . But, one problem that continues is the “ubuntu” problem of updates to grub seem to wipe all other listings on grub, except for one ubuntu flavor . . . . I have filed several bug reports about the problem . . . the problem is still happening as of a couple days ago . . . when upgrading in Lu 20.10, U-MATE 20.10 and LM 20.04 . . . .

Nobody seems to be “on it” as far as that goes . . . if there is interest I could find the bug number, but LP could probably be searched with my user name and they would show up.


Providing details such as a launchpad bug would be required for people to look. Maybe you mean 1890211 or something else? (If it’s that report, I’d try and avoid SG2, TW, & other abbreviations you’ve used as I don’t know what you’re referring to, likely others won’t too)

Personally I don’t think there is anything unique about [Debian/]Ubuntu’s grub (outside of the script update-grub which is easier to remember than the command used elsewhere I think).

I did have a case where update-grub didn’t detect (skipped?) a partition (likely btrfs opensuse but I forget) often; but that was worked around by mounting the partition first. I don’t recall the cause and Lubuntu focal is now on that box.

Outside of the one case I mentioned, I’ve not had issues, and that includes Debian, Fedora, Opensuse (leap/tumbleweed).

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Thanks for the reply . . . there are a few bug reports on grub issues, one of them with “affects 40 people” . . . the one that is getting the most recent activity is . . . .

:expressionless: I see a number of grub issues get reported every day, alas I know nothing about it, and can only observe. (I’ve experienced a couple this cycle myself with Xubuntu)

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