What are the audio settings for 24.04?

Hi, with Jammy Jellyfish I could change the audio to 24 bit , 48khz by modifying a file in etc/pulse. What is the default audio setting with 24.04 and how do I modify it?

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FYI: Lubuntu switched to using pipewire in 23.04; refer Lubuntu 23.04 Now Uses PipeWire! Info you should know + Call for Testing

Thanks I did not know that it had changed. Seems to sound fine on my old Acer Aspire PC. But I would like to know if the default is 24 bit , 48khz ???

Iā€™m fairly confident nothing has changed as far as defaults are concerned.

With regards to the sample rate, you can configure Pipewire by copying /usr/share/pipewire/pipewire.conf to ~/.config/pipewire/pipewire.conf and editing accordingly in the context.properties section:

default.clock.rate = 48000

and then restarting the daemon, of course.

Incidentially, this is the default, as you will see.

As for the bit depth, there have been requests to make this a configurable option upstream and they have been denied. Case in point:

That said, supposedly Pipewire is a drop-in replacement for Pulseaudio. In that sense, anything that worked in the time before Pipewire should work now. tl;dr just use the same configuration you used before.

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