Wayland in 24.04 LTS. How to run?

I reading something like this on photo. Please write me tutorial how to install/enable/autorun Wayland session on my 24.04 LTS system.

For everyone else’s clarity, that quote comes from this blog post.

Indeed, this was the plan, but 24.04 was a very difficult cycle. We didn’t even get to deal with Wayland. Sorry.

I will add to this: we should have a Wayland option at least for 24.10.


Hi, this is my first post here. I was very interested in Wayland being available shortly, after switching to Lubuntu from Kubuntu recently for the performance benefits. Is it possible Wayland will come onboard before the 24.10 release, or do I need to be patent until then? I have to say, I’m super impressed with Lubuntu in ever other way, and I have made it my primary OS.

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There’s a lot of steps in place (Qt6, LXQt2, etc.) before we get there, but there should be something available for the 24.10 release, meaning the version in development from now until then will eventually have it.


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Yes it’s possible. But I’d expect it to be packaged for oracular (24.10) first… and then it will likely be packaged and made available (at first for testers, then for end-users if it’s deemed stable) just as numerous prior LXQt updates were packaged & provided for jammy (22.04), eg. https://lubuntu.me/tag/backports/

We have no clue as to timeline though; we’re volunteers.

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