How can I help Lubuntu?

Thank you for the prompt response. Although I’m no coder, I would like to help with Lubuntu generally if possible. How would I best do that?


Well, first off, most of the “development” we do is pretty minor. Not a lot of big chunks of code being written. Certainly there are some things that we have created ourselves (e.g. modules for the installer) that are the exception here. However, most of it is simply packaging everything correctly so that software is installable. Even then, that’s mostly for packages that are already in the archive. For bug fixes, sometimes changes are incredibly simple.

For example, we had a bug report about hibernation failing and the tl;dr on that is that it’s really poorly supported and should just be turned off, so that’s what I did for 24.04. You can see the fix here. It might look more complicated than it is but all I did was copy the lxqt-hibernate.desktop file to our $XDG_DATA_DIRS and then added a single line (NoDisplay=true;) to ensure that it would override the original file and not show it in the menu.

So a little knowledge is needed about the basic architecture of the desktop environment, but that’s about it. So there likely is a place for you on the development team even if you don’t code.

Moving on, there’s plenty of other things to do:

  • documentation
  • support
  • artwork
  • marketing
  • bug reporting
  • bug triage
  • image testing
  • application testing

Anything sound good to you?

Most of the communication on nearly any one of those topics happens primarily on our Matrix development room but if you don’t Matrix, we can discuss it in Development or #lubuntu-devel on IRC or, etc.

We very much welcome new contributors and are happy to provide mentoring and training.


Awesome, thank you. I don’t know how much time I can commit to it, but I certainly want to play a part moving forward.


I should also say that while we certainly appreciate more sustained and significant contributions, “drive-by” ones are welcome, too! Some folks stick around a long time and contribute on a regular basis, while others do a little bit here and there. Like you said, both move us forward and are equally valuable.