Themeing and Font Issues for Flatpaks and Snaps

Hey there Community, my Flatpak and Snap apps are not following my Font Configuration, they appear small and ugly also the fonts of Gtk appear bit dull, this issue is consistent with both Qt and Gtk for Snaps and Flatpaks, i tried this in Lxqt Github but they are completely unaware on how to do this.
Please help ASAP, Thank you

I think using Flatseal will allow you to set permissions for any Flatpak app for things like this:

There is no such specific option in Flatseal that could force flatpak to use system font config or tweak font for flatpaks, if you know then please share

This itself is the problem, in my lubuntu installation there is no xsettingsd config file by default, neither is $HOME/.themes etc.when i type : ls ~/ .themes/
It results in the following :
ls: cannot access ‘.themes/’: No such file or directory

This is the problem that lubuntu is unable to specify my system appearance configs to Flatpak and snaps etc.
Here is what happens if i type xsettingsd in terminal :
xsettingsd: Couldn’t find config file. Tried the following :

  • /home/sam/.xsettingsd
  • home/sam/.config/xsettingsd/xsettingsd.conf
  • /etc/xdg/xdg-Lubuntu/xsettingsd/xsettingsd.conf
  • /etc/xdg/xsettingsd/xsettingsd.conf
  • /etc/xsettingsd/xsettingsd.conf
  • /usr/share/xsettingsd/xsettingsd.conf

Not only flatpaks but even native qt and gtk apps requiring password to operate like Timeshift,Bleachbit root wont theme properly they appear white with some ugly icons, same is for sudo featherpad or pacmanfm-qt etc.

There is a serious misconfiguration regarding appearance settings i think in lxqt or lubuntu, which needs to be fixed.

The issue in summary persists for native deb root apps, flatpak and even snap, in Kde plasma of kde neon i downloaded snap vlc, which immediately followed system font config and even theme without any manual intervention, but this is absent in lxqt even though lxqt is also a qt DE so it should have been able to actually properly theme qt apps like Vlc etc.

Fonts (and/or scaling) are my main problems with Lubuntu.
13 inch FullHD laptop, everything is so small.
First i found a place to change the menus i think, but the fonts on desktop did not change? Next i found scaling i think? Or maybe some third way for desktop fonts?
Or was it the window decoration headlines?
Next i found out texts in Firefox are supermall, so i tweak firefox settings.

I understand lubuntu moto is modularity and you should tweak different things in different places as you wish :smiley:
Its a feature not a bug :stuck_out_tongue: ?

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Sorry im new, and no idea how to edit a comment.
What i wanted to add that after finding the scaling option i was happy until i opened “zoom” app, which did not fit inside the screen. So i needed to start again with all those different font settings.

If it indeed is a feature then will you just tell me how to tweak fonts for flatpak apps and also why the xsettingsd file is missing from lubuntu distro ???

Is there any Update, i think this has been again given a cold shoulder ??

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