Xsettingsd Config Missing

Lxqt recommends xsettingsd and yes its a necessary tool to help theme gtk apps, but as a matter of surprise xsettingsd 's config file isn’t present in Lubuntu, i did try re-installation and reboots but no luck, here is the output of xsettingsd :
xsettingsd: Couldn’t find config file. Tried the following:

  • /home/sam/.xsettingsd*
  • /home/sam/.config/xsettingsd/xsettingsd.conf*
  • /etc/xdg/xdg-Lubuntu/xsettingsd/xsettingsd.conf*
  • /etc/xdg/xsettingsd/xsettingsd.conf*
  • /etc/xsettingsd/xsettingsd.conf*
  • /usr/share/xsettingsd/xsettingsd.conf*

So how do i get xsettingsd to work properly in Lubuntu 22.04.1, so that i can theme gtk apps properly consistently.

lxqt-config-appearence does not use xsettingsd in the traditional way.
Instead it runs it only for the duration of the change.
It uses an internal temporary conf file, i.e it does not need a default conf file (e.g ~/.xsettingsd).

I have tested it on gtk2 and gtk3 apps, by switching the theme inside

Preferences > LXQt Settings > Appearence > Widget Style
[ ]Set GTK themes..blah

i.e You can only select the themes given under gtk2/3 widgets, not the themes under LXQt.
And they switch immediately.

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So basically this means that one cant externally edit xsettingsd config file ??, the main thing i need help of is that although flatpaks do repect my themes but they dont respect my font and font related settings, i mean they appear dull and ugly for all qt or gtk apps, so basically i need to know how can i make flatpak use my font settings and config, i use Ubuntu Regular 13 but by default all flatpaks use some foreign and very tiny dull fonts, they appear small and blurry, this is something that other distros like xubuntu or Kde Neon perfectly does. Do help …

I have to agree somewhat that lxqt is a bit mean in that it uses xsettingsd that suits itself without regard for external environments. Once it’s done, it kills it, even when it was running before. I think it’s something to do with making gtk2 take on the new setting.

I have near zero experience with flatpaks. Perhaps this is a weakness of being self-contained.
As an experiment, have you tried

  1. creating your own ~/xsettingsd
  2. run xsettingsd &
    You should see the changes take affect for normal apps. But I don’t know if they will be picked up by flatpaks or snaps (?).

To update a new config, use
killall -HUP xsettingsd

To stop the daemon, just kill it.
killall xsettingsd
Once the daemon is killed, some apps will revert to their defaults.

If you have any success, you can then run the daemon at the start of your lxqt session.


It does work for Native Apps but for Snaps and Flatpak it remains useless…

Yes, I understand that now after having read the links in your other topic ( which is obviously related.).

I guess the easiest (and probably the cleanest) way is to install a theme from within flatpak itself. ( I found this link. ) If it works, it won’t be consistent but maybe you’ll find a theme that looks similar to your desktop.

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Yes thats the problem, i am able to perfectly theme now but the issue that persists is of fonts, they appear smalll and dull and of icons, with the help of xdg-config i was able to atleast apply kvantum themes and even gtk ones but the icons are not of my system and same for the fonts, so basically i need someone explaining me how flatpak successfully reads fonts and icons in distros like Kubuntu,Xubuntu or even Kde Neon, i have used flatpaks in them and they perfectly works fine just like native apps.

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