Switch to dark color scheme -- Quick method

As a new user of Lubuntu I am posting something here that worked well for me and may be of use to others.

My problem: Upon installation of Lubuntu (v. 20.04.2) the window backrounds are white; this is hard on the eyes to look at for extended periods, so I wanted to make my screen predominantly dark in color.

The solution I found is based on information from this article: 20.04 Contribution: Manual to customize LXQt and different color schemes for Breeze

Essentially what I am doing here excerpting the part of that article that gave me the quick fix I wanted.

Change the Breeze Color Scheme

  • Copy the Breeze Dark color scheme, which is this file: /usr/share/color-schemes/BreezeDark.colors
  • Put it into `/home/your-user/.config/’ with the name kdeglobals
  • Restart your computer

Upon restart, the dark color scheme should be working. If not, you might want to check that Application Menu >> Preferences >> LXQt settings >> Appearance >> Widget Style >> Qt Style is set to ‘Breeze’. Mine already was, so I did not have to do this.

If you want to play around more, I think you can modify the color settings in your new file kdeglobals by hand.