Reopen closed post please

Yesterday I mistakenly made made a duplicate post. The first one I do not find anywere and the second one was closed.

Can you please reopen the closed post:

Thanks in advance.

Why do you want it re-opened?

If I recall correctly only two words differed between the posts (those words were immaterial in my opinion), so I moved the response on the now-deleted thread (from me in fact) and your reply to the other open thread, then deleted the one that was thus without replies.

I’ve re-opened (& removed the “solved” tag on duplicate post reply) on the remaining thread, but what was missing from the duplicate link? As additional responses were moved to the thread on this site and only your duplicate post was deleted.

FYI: You can in fact see I did this, as the moved replies are out of time/date order being placed at the bottom… whilst I could have taken time to get them in the correct order; I didn’t think it mattered (with the out-of-sequence replies a reminder, to me at least, that I fudged sequence)

No need to reopen the duplicate link. What I wanted was to re-open the remaining thread which you did.

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