Reinstall without erase

Hello to everyones,
I’d like to reinstall lubuntu without erase the entire disk because I have 2 partitions: lububtu and Windows.
How can I do it?
All the bet

You’ve not provided release details; nor specifics as to type of re-install (ie. clean? unclean etc), but I suggest exploring our testcases which include a description of an unclean install.

I was asked to write an answer over on askubuntu covering it, so I’ll provide a link to that too, pretty much the same detail however written with a different focus

Those links talk about an unclean install, which is something I’ve always loved about Ubuntu… but a clean install is easier with calamares as you can just use the Replace partition option, or as always tell the installer what you want via Manual Partitioning.


It could be helpful to clarify where ‘Manual partitioning’ is found.

You have to make a fresh install according to chapter 1 of the Lubuntu Manual. During installation you will be asked to ‘Erase Disk’ or ‘Manual partitioning’ (as depicted in chapter 1.3 in section ‘Setting up partitions’).

Choose the latter. In the next step you can pick the correct partition. Perhaps you may be interested reading this guidance of Ask Ubuntu concerning the already existing diverse partitions.


Good idea! Instructions to continue to the manual are here.

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