Testing Checklist Noble+

Installer tests - 24.04 (Noble Numbat)

Release date: - 25 April 2024
Final Freeze: - 18 April 2024
Beta release: - 11 April 2024
RC reached at: - 22 April 2024

IMPORTANT: All of these tests must be re-done if an upload of Calamares or settings is done after a pre-release freeze.

  • calamares: 3.3.5-0ubuntu3
  • calamares-settings-lubuntu: 1:24.04.38 (04.37 at 20240421)
  • calamares-settings-ubuntu-common: 1:24.04.38 (04.37 at 20240421)
  • lubuntu-default-settings: 24.04.11
  • casper 1.498

NOTE: Currently updated for the noble media [20240422]


Main install tests

Type Encryption Firmware Internet Swap (Y/N) Updates Third.Party Date Tester ISO box.detail paste.for.tracker
Full no BIOS yes sy uy 3n 20240425 @guiverc 20240425 hp_dc7700 testcase: full, no-encryption, BIOS, internet, swap, updates
Full yes BIOS yes sn un 3y 20240425 @guiverc 20240425.1 hp_dc7700 testcase: full, encryption, BIOS, internet, no-swap, 3rd.party
Normal no BIOS no sy un 3n 20240425 @guiverc 20240425.1 hp_dc770 testcase: normal, no-encryption, BIOS, no-internet, swap
Minimal yes BIOS no sn un 3n 20240424 @guiverc 20240422 hp_dc7700 testcase: minimal, encryption, BIOS, no-internet, no-swap
Full no EFI yes sy uy 3y 20240425 @leok 202404225 beelink_s12 testcase: full, no-encryption, EFI, internet, swap, updates, 3rd.party
Full yes EFI yes sy uy 3n 20240425 @guiverc 20240425.1 svp11216cgb testcase: full, encryption, EFI, internet, swap, updates
Minimal no EFI no sn un 3n 20240425 @leok 20240425 dell_lat7280 testcase: minimal, no-encryption, EFI, no-internet, no-swap
Normal yes EFI no sn un 3n 20240425 @guiverc 20240425 svp11216cgb testcase: normal, encryption, EFI, no-internet, no-swap
Full no EFI + secure boot yes sy uy 3n 20240425 @leok 20240425.1 awow_ny41 testcase: full, no-encryption, secure-EFI, internet, swap, updates, 3rd.party
Full yes EFI + secure boot yes sn uy 3n 20240425 @leok 20240425.1 asrock_h410m testcase: full, encryption, secure-EFI, internet, no-swap
Minimal no EFI + secure boot no sy un 3n 20240425 @leok 20240525.1 len_v14ill testcase: minimal, no-encryption, secure-EFI, no-internet, swap
Normal yes EFI + secure boot no sn un 3n 20240425 @leok 20240425.1 dell_opt7060 testcase: normal, encryption, secure-EFI, no-internet, no-swap

Please try and ensure one of SWAP (sy) & NO-SWAP (sn) exist for each test type (ie. BIOS, uEFI or Secure-uEFI). The ‘updates’ field has ‘uy’ or ‘un’ for yes/no, 3rd party has ‘3y’ or ‘3n’ to help distinguish between fields.

Additional Installer tests

Install Type Completed date Tester ISO box.detail paste.for.tracker
Install inc. Element 20240425 @leok 20240425 dell_opt7060 with element
Install inc. Thunderbird 20240423 @guiverc 20240422 dc7700 with thunderbird
Install inc. VM Manager 20240425 @leok 20240425 beelink_s12 with VM.manager
Install inc. Krita 20240425 @leok 202404225 dell_opt7060 with krita
Install using another language 20240425 @leok 20240425.1 dell_opt7060 with non-english
Auto-login after install 20240425 @guiverc 20240425.1 hp_dc7700 with auto-login

These tests can be combined with other install (non-full) tests, ie. a single QA-test can be used to refresh the details of up to three lines on this checklist (eg. auto-install or install with another language, or include Element|Krita etc). Please note you’ll need to be running a ‘with internet’ test to install element/thunderbird/vm.manager/krita, and a full install should already include all of these optional Element/Thunderbird/VM.Manager/Krita apps.

Other install Types

Install Type Completed date Tester ISO box.detail paste.for.tracker
Install alongside 20240425 @guiverc 20240425 hp_dc7700 testcase: install alongside
Replace partition 20240423 @guiverc 20240422 hp_dc7700 testcase: replace partition
Install using existing partition 20240424 @guiverc 20240422 dell_opt_780 testcase: install using existing partition
Custom partitioning with separate /home 20240425 @leok 20240425 beelink_s12 testcase: custom partitioning with separate /home
Custom partitioning on btrfs 20240425 @leok 20240425 dell_opt_7060 testcase: btrfs install
Custom partitioning on xfs 20240425 @leok 20240425 asrock_h410m testcase: xfs install

Other non-install tests

Test Type Completed Date Tester box.detail
GUI upgrade¹ from prior release 20240424 @leok asrock_410
TUI upgrade² from prior release 20240424 @leok asus_610M
GUI upgrade¹ from LTS to next LTS release 20240424 @leok asrock_410m
TUI upgrade² from LTS to next LTS release 20240424 @leok asus_610m

¹ do-release-upgrade -d -m desktop -f DistUpgradeViewKDE
² do-release-upgrade -d

  • The purpose of the “Optional box” field is to allow re-tests to be done on a different box to prior time (if possible)
  • na or - is short for not-applicable

For help in understanding this checklist, please view Testing Checklist - understanding the testcases