Problems installing lubuntu 19.04 and 18.10

Hi, I have a problem installing lubuntu 18.10 and 19.04. It turns out that when I have all the installation configured and I am about to install it, the installer window is black, then the USB (in my case) flashes as if it were read, but then after a few minutes it stops and does not does nothing. I have downloaded the iso 5 times and still there, what solution do you have?
Here I leave the log

P.D: when making the usb I used rufus in windows and uui (universal usb installer) also in windows. My pc is a celeron 3.06 with 64bit support with 2GB of ram and 500GB HDD

I wait for answers :wink:

Firstly Lubuntu 18.10 or the 2018-October release is EOL (end-of-life) so don’t try to install it. It’s support has ended, and if you installed it, your first task would be to immediately release-upgrade to 19.04; so why do it.

As for the Lubuntu 19.04 release, did you verify your install media (ie. verify your download & thumb-drive media was perfect). Yes you mentioned you downloaded it five times? but if you wrote it the same way each time and that was your problem…

In the Lubuntu manual Installation page, I’m suggesting the “Check disk for defects” option ( you’ll see the first screen. This both verifies the download & write to install media (thumb-drive). From your description it reads to me like a faulty write, which the Check disc for defects will confirm or deny.

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In addition to @guiverc 's comments, would you please let us know where you downloaded the iso from? The official download page for Lubuntu is here.


this user contacted with us in the Spanish telegram channel and finally he installed 18.04

Ok, we’ll call it closed, then!