Impossible to install Lubuntu 20.04 and 19.10

Good, some time ago I posted in this forum that I had a problem when installing lubuntu 18.10. I had an intel celeron D 346, and I thought it would be a problem for my cpu, I changed the processor a couple of months ago for an intel pentium 4 ht, and decided to install lubuntu 19.10, but I still have the same problem I had. I put the first post to read the problem in detail.

when running in the sudo calamares terminal when the installation starts this is what appears

Hey! Hii.
Seems like a HDD issue. The last line says the disk is write protected.
I would like to know if you had windows earlier on this system? And you want to dual boot?
If yes, then you might need to change a setting in windows.
If no, then I might have a way to get write access for the HDD.
Let us know yes or no then we will be able to help better.

I wanted to install it with another ubuntu that I have installed on my PC, but previously when I published it in the first post I tried to install it as a single system and it also threw me the same error

Oh! that makes it interesting. Can you try installing once and when it fails, paste the contents of /var/log/installer onto ? Will be easier to debug.

@sxnii The file to paste would be /var/log/installer/debug The write protected warning seen in the terminal is normal. The installer analyzes all partitions, one of which would be the install media itself that is protected. I see that the installer is running in the system tray, do you get any warnings from the installer itself?

I need revise my statement of the location for the installer logfile. If the installation process has not completed the logfile location on the live system will be in ~/.cache/calamares/session.log as it will not have reached the step where the log gets copied to the installed system. Also, if you reboot the logfile will be lost since it only exists in the live system at that point. Apologies for the misinformation.

I would also advise you make sure you have the correct installation media. One bit of difference could result in all sorts of issues. So you’ll want to check the hashes of the ISO to check for download errors and you’ll also want to check the disk for defects to ensure there are no copy errors.

@snxii, has the issue been resolved? Also, in the first post it was mentioned you were able to install after contacting spanish telegram. What was the resolution then?

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