Pending translations

I have a few .desktop files that are not translated in the menu, I can’t find upstream of this, how do I proceed? thank you.

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Keep in mind I am not a translation expert, I am not a development expert either but here is what I have to offer:

Unfortunately we have to run each one of them down by the project and packages they belong with. If you ever wonder what package a file belongs to there is the apt-file command (it will likely need to be installed). It isn’t foolproof but it narrows it down pretty good. To find a package on Launchpad I think the fastest way for me is to use a DuckDuckGo bang search. For example !upkg software-properties Here is what I came up with on my searching.

file name binary package source package launchpad link
nm-connection-editor.desktop network-manager-gnome network-manager-applet
software-properties-drivers-lxqt.desktop software-properties-qt software-properties software-properties package : Ubuntu
software-properties-lxqt.desktop software-properties-qt software-properties software-properties package : Ubuntu
system-config-printer.desktop system-config-printer system-config-printer system-config-printer package : Ubuntu
upg-apply.desktop lubuntu-upgrade-notifier lubuntu-upgrade-notifier
xscreensaver-properties.desktop xscreensaver xscreensaver xscreensaver package : Ubuntu

For the above it looks like only xscreensaver and lubuntu-update-notifier don’t have translations available in Launchpad. I don’t have any idea how translation works for xscreensaver. For lubuntu-update-notifier Hans started to setup the translation bits but I have no idea how to work with it. Perhaps @tsimonq2 does.


I’m going to look at all that you tell me and see what I can do, with lubuntu-upgrade-notifier the translation has already been sent to gitea.

Thank you.