Nvidia Drivers not working after full update

First post here (really sorry if I did something wrong, didn’t mean it) since I’ve been using lubuntu just for a couple days.
lsb_release - a reads:
Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
Release 22.04
Codename jammy

I have an Acer aspire 5750g with a Core i5 2410M and a NVIDIA GT540m

So everything was working fine till 2 hours ago when, after booting up my pc, a full update notification popped up, I agreed and it started the download.
While it was going my stopped responding to inputs (I could mouve the cursor or click on the screen) however I could see the apps going and the download proceeding.
When it ended and said reboot I manually shut down the pc and booted up again, upon entering the desktop I realized my gpu wasn’t working anymore, psensor showed nothing about it and nvidia settings only had 3 options.
When running nvidia-smi it says it could communicate with the driver. What can I do? Thanks

In terminal run
uname -r

post the kernel details in reply

Thanks for the reply, this is the output

You had added any PPA before updating ? Any PPA related with Kernel updates ?
Your GT540M is configured to use what RAM size ?

Just to clarify.
Whenever I try to reinstall the drivers/ install pretty much everything it always stops at “Building initial module for 6.0.6-76060006-generic” and gives the error “Kernel package Linux-headers-6.0.6-76060006-generic is not supported” then it goes on and at the end it’s “E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)”
Always this.

PPA Meaning backports right? I think I have them enabled, I can show you the software sources tab maybe? As I stated it asked me for a full upgrade maybe there was something for the kernel idk.
Also how can I check what ram it is configured for? Before all this it worked fine and seemed to recognize the 2 gigs it has.

That error message means when was done an update not was possible create the nvidia driver because the driver not is compatible with kernel 6.0.X.
Before of full update the GT540M had used what driver ? the nouveau (kernel driver … if had worked without changing any driver possibly was that driver) or the proprietary driver ( changed in menu Preferences \ Additional Drivers ?

Before the update it was using (after a lot of headache :sweat_smile:) the nvidia proprietary driver that was recommended in software manager (the last for my card, 391.35, it was also working with it on windows before I switched) and it was apparently working correctly.

Also, the kernel not supporting the driver is a problem since it’s new right? I mean don’t tell me I switched to Linux to get not supported :cold_sweat:

Updating the Kernel is good action, but has sometimes problems.
Nvidia 600 series not have drivers for kernel 6.0.
Your IGP is 500 series. Thus possibly not have drivers for kernel 6.0.
However have an possible solution.

You have done an test changing from proprietary to nouveau driver after of update ?

No I haven’t, I’ll try later and I’ll let you know. I don’t understand however, will my GPU driver (the official nvidia one) never work from now on with the new kernel? Or I just have to wait until they give support for it?

Also, the “Building initial module for 6.0.6-76060006-generic” error and the other one happen every time I try to download something, (maybe it’s because it tries to update the GPU driver aswell) why is that?

Nvidia does driver updates for Kernel new versions only for current GPUs support (Some video cards from 700 series to more current GPUs).
Another drivers for legacy drivers have fixes , but related when the distro update the kernel version.
If your Lubuntu (Ubuntu) version kernel updated version is 5.15 Nvidia will to do driver fixes for kernel 5.15 and not for kernel 6.0.

“Building initial module for 6.0.6-76060006-generic” error is because the driver not is compatible with kernel installed version.

You need find if any coder have released an hack in nvidia drivers for geforce 500 series to support kernel 6.0.
Geforce 600 series proprietary driver not support kernel 6.0 , but have an hack fixing it. An patch file.
Download official nvidia binary driver and after apply the patch. Install and work in kernel 6.0.
I not has information if also have an patch for driver geforce 500 or if the same patch is compatible with geforce 500 series.
In other words … if an hacker have done an patch for geforce 500 for kernel 6.0 will be possible fix it.
The patch is an file changing an information in driver header to only adding kernel 6.0 version. Not any delete or change in driver code.

So no chance waiting, well what a luck I have the moment I arrive my GPU loses support.
Anyway I’ll look for that patch, if it doesn’t exist will the nouveau drivers work with the new kernel? (I suppose they do right?).
And also, what do I do to stop the building error? It literally prevents me from downloading anything.

You need test if nouveau works with kernel 6.0.
Again … the “build error” is because the driver not have correct kernel headers thus not will be created …
You are saying now not is possible download another softwares as if the error is blocking download using apt or others commands ?

Yeah like when it tries to download something it always tries to update(I think) the packages and when it tries to touch the nvidia driver it launches that error which stops everything.

Also cause I don’t know, will commands like nvidia.smi and nvidia-settings work when using the nouveau driver? Or they only work with the proprietary one?

You need remove all nvidia driver related files.
nvidia-settings and CUDA acceleration require proprietary driver.

If I install the nouveau drivers how can I set the nvidia card as the default gpu? Before I only managed to do it from the nvidia-settings window.

You only will change to nouveau … noveau not will be downloaded because is in the kernel files.

I would back up all of your data before fiddling any further - NVIDIA can sometimes break in mysterious ways and end up needing a full reinstall to get back up and running in a reasonable amount of time.

You have kernel 6.0.6… on Ubuntu 22.04? Ubuntu 22.04 usually uses kernel 5.15. You probably installed a mainline kernel, which would explain what’s happening. If so, the solution is probably to go back to the supported 5.15 kernel.

If kernel 5.15 doesn’t work on your hardware, then you may want to try installing Lubuntu 22.10, which uses the 5.19 kernel. If that doesn’t work, you may have to wait for the release of Lubuntu 23.04, which will likely use a newer kernel yet still.

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