Manual links currently available 22.04 (lts) & 23.04 (stable)

The Lubuntu manual currently has two main viewing options; with stable or lts in the URL intended to represent which version of the manual you actually want.


stable manual link is
lts manual link is

What is there now: Lubuntu 22.04 LTS & Lubuntu 23.04

  • stable is where you’ll find the latest Lubuntu 22.04 manual
  • lts is where you’ll still find the Lubuntu 22.04 LTS manual

If you want an easy way to know which manual you’re looking at, the release the manual is for, is still viewable in the top left blue-background panel of your browser window, ie. where you search. A quick example of differences can be seen with these links: stable and lts

FYI: There is a third master option too, which is the current development release, currently that’s mantic or 23.10; so if using the development release (mantic) this is possibly the best manual for you.