LXQT Widget volume control is possible select ALSA as default?

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In the LXQT widget volume control has the option “device control” with ALSA , pulseaudio and OSS .
For “default” is selected pulseaudio.
What feature is that option ? Select in OS what will be the default used sound system ?
If selecting ALSA all sounds will go to ALSA and not more for pulseaudio ?

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OSS?? Wow, you must have a funky set up for that to be there.

All that option does is change which sound server’s settings are affected by the widget.

Well … I only want understand if the widget change the default sound system and you have replied only does change the sound volume for selected souns system.

See the screenshot

I have done several updates using launchpad PPAs. Perhaps is the explanation of OSS are there.
Rob Savoury in Launchpad have good updates and softwares too.
That updates run very well in Lubuntu without issues =)

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