Lunar Lobster Wallpaper

Hi, noticed that there was a topic for 22.10 wallpaper submissions. Are you planning to start one for Lunar Lobster?

If you’re meaning our Wallpaper Contest for 22.10 we did talk about it early in the cycle (ie. in the days after 22.10 was released) but decided not to run one for this cycle.

Anyone can submit entries for possible inclusion anytime, as you’ll see in this thread where a user submitted some created wallpapers, which was then used in our Lubuntu 21.10 release (both for sddm or the greeter background, and main wallpaper/background), with the greeter also being used in our Lubuntu 22.04 release as well (sddm or greeter only).

We have the images we expect to keep for our upcoming Lubuntu 23.04 release (see here), with them already viewable on our daily ISOs.

Thank you for your enquiry, and please, if you have any submissions you think would suit Lubuntu, just submit them as my example by @fahim.


Thanks. Can I add my artwork here?

I will try to add more. :slight_smile:



May I know what is sddm and greeter background? I see that there is a rotating Lubuntu animation during shutdown. Is it something separate? Thanks.

If you click on the link I provided to some “Lunar (23.04) Screenshots”, the background I’m talking about is the first one shown in Aaron’s post.

It’s what you see when you login and/or select your session (though most of us won’t change session very often, if at all; it’s the top left corner of the screen dropdown menu)

The rotating Lubuntu animation you see during boot & shutdown is a plymouth screen I bet (it’s hiding the system boot/shutdown text messages); the lunar package is this one.


I do not know whether Lubuntu allows entries for Plymouth animation. I made a simple one for now


Not sure there is any issue with YouTube embed