Lubuntu Kinetic Kudu 22.10 Artwork Contest

Lubuntu Kinetic Kudu 22.10 Artwork Contest

The Lubuntu Team is pleased to announce we are running a Kinetic Kudu artwork competition, giving you, our community, the chance to submit, and get your favorite wallpapers for both the desktop and the greeter/login screen (SDDM) included in the Lubuntu 22.10 release.

Show Your Artwork

To enter, simply post your image into this thread on our Discourse forum.

We will close this thread on August 4th, 2022 and the judging will begin. No late submissions will be accepted.

The artwork selection committee will select the finalists for the Lubuntu Members to vote on.

We are after two suitable images for Lubuntu 22.10. If selected, one will be for the main wallpaper, and another for the greeter/login (SDDM background).


There are a few rules though. Please make sure you are happy to submit your work under these rules before you post it. Posting your images here indicates acceptance of the rules.


The images you upload must be yours. If you see an image which you know to be misrepresented please flag it and we will take care of it.


Please don’t upload the full-size image to discourse. Large images will slow down this thread so please use smaller images here. In due course, we will contact submitters for access to finalist images, which should be at least 2560×1600. As before, if your requested full-size image isn’t received in time (to be packaged), it won’t be included.


As previously mentioned, the final image size should be at least 2560×1600 pixels. Images much smaller than this won’t scale up well. Equally, images with a lot of compression artifacts won’t look good. Your image won’t be accepted if the quality is low.


Personal watermarks should be removed. Acceptable watermarks include the “Lubuntu” name, Lubuntu logo, “Kinetic Kudu” release name, and “22.10” release version. Any images with other watermarks will not be accepted. Watermarks should be kept small and unobtrusive to the image.


Your image(s) must be licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.06 or CC BY 4.03 license. If you do not specify a license in your post then we will assume that you are licensing the image under the CC BY-SA 4.0. By entering the competition you are agreeing to these license terms.

There is more information available here:

You can share your artistic talent with all the Lubuntu users!

If you have other ways that you would like to contribute your artwork to the Lubuntu Project, please contact us in our development channel.

Get snapping & adding your submissions here.

Additional note: If your image is smaller than 2560×1600 and is so great you feel it should be considered, submit it anyway with a note on what resolution can be supplied. We may decide it’s so good we must include it as well.


Let’s cut the ribbon then,


Thank you for your submissions.


Can I hork the Lubuntu logo and use it as part of my submission? I’m not familiar with the licensing rules around the Lubuntu artwork (like the logo). Also is an 8K wallpaper OK just to make sure it works on even massive screens, or is that overkill? (I only have a 1080p screen, so it would be just for the sake of looking nice on massive screens.)


Yes you’re welcome to use Lubuntu branding/logos

Probably the best link is or

The first is somewhat a guide on how it should be used. If it doesn’t contain exactly what you’ll want, chances are it’s elsewhere on our phab so if you can’t find it; just ask here, and myself or someone will find it.

As for resolutions, we’ve provided the rules we have which are largely a minimum resolution. Myself and a large proportion of our users don’t have HiDPI screens, which is why we make allowance for submissions that are less than our 2560x1600 minimum.

The Lubuntu artwork selection committee will make judgements & submit finalists before Lubuntu members vote on the ‘winners’. How each member decides though is up to them and what they believe best fits our needs.

This may not answer you query, but I hope it’s enough for you to make a judgement call.

Thank you for your enquiry.


OK. One more thing, can I only make one submission? Or is it OK if I try a few things and send them to all be considered?

There is no limitation on the number of entries; or when submitted (outside of closing date being mentioned).

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Alright, finally submitting something. I figured “kinetic” sounded energetic (kinetic energy, right?), so I went with an energy-inspired fractal design, with a hint of Ubuntu Studio’s old artwork concept for the stacked logo.

Full sized image is 4K resolution. Made using GIMP and the branding provided by @guiverc (thank you!)


Thank you for your submission.


Second attempt, this time trying to match the blue Lubuntu theme.

License is CC BY 4.03.

Also the license for the first one I made (the red one that says “Lubuntu Kinetic”) is also CC BY 4.03, but I can’t edit the above one, so here’s the license notice.


Thank you for your second submission.


Ok, so I want to try to make a submission, but I can’t see any photos, it’s just white blank spaces and the image links don’t work either.


Huh… It’s above my pay grade - but the images used to work and are now not working, at least not with Chromium. They worked the last time I view this thread.

You can still probably submit your work. Eventually, it’ll get fixed and we will be able to see it.


Our CDN might need a little prodding. Sometimes a refresh with CTRL-Shift-r will get things working right. I can ping our sysadmin @teward to have a look.


I also can no longer see the images, and tapping on them isn’t working.

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What was not stated by @kc2bez was that the underlying system here was behind my firewall which exploded hard-core on Wednesday. I’ve still been rebuilding the rulesets to get everything functioning.

Which this should be functional now.


I’m uploading some candidate wallpapers. Most of them were made with the intention to be nice to the eyes and to make it easy to identify icons on the desktop. But I could not resist a couple of more colourful wallpapers treated with gimp’s ‘artistic oilify’ filter.


Thank you for your submissions!


This was a collaborative work between me and my mom, Mercy. I think it pretty much embodies “Lubuntu Kinetic Kudu” perfectly.

Full resolution is… EXTREMELY LARGE. 10 times bigger than the preview here. So I don’t think we’ll have any problems as far as the required resolution.

License is CC BY 4.0, copyright is Aaron Rainbolt and MediaMom Ministries.


Thanks for your additional submission.