Lubuntu White Theme

In Lubuntu, everywhere is white and we can’t completely turn it into black, I think it should come as soon as possible, I’m using version 20.04, can you recommend a theme, my eyes really hurt, but I love lubuntu, lightness and performance

Lubuntu 20.04 LTS is End of Life, and we don’t support it anymore.

Refer Lubuntu 20.04 LTS is End of Life on this site, or the official notice here

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@guiverc is right. You should move on to a supported version.

That said, the color scheme will be the same. Search around and you’ll find some tips to go darker, e.g.:

Also, the manual discusses configuring appearance in general:


I have Redshift and have it enabled day and night and have the color temperature set at 4500 for day and 4500 for night and my eyes don’t hurt.

We all hate change although we have to learn how to adjust and adapt and move forward.

I’m old school and that’s just the way we were taught to do stuff aka divide and conquer.


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