Lubuntu Jammy Jellyfish (22.04) Beta testing Week

Beta Freeze

The beta freeze for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS was 28-March-2022, and the beta released on 31-March-2022.


Ubuntu, and flavors such as Lubuntu, are having a testing session during the week of 31 March 2022 - 6 April 2022, to encourage as many people as possible to help test our new beta, and help make it the best release yet of Lubuntu.

Of course you can grab a daily and test any day you like, and don’t have to limit yourself to just this week if you’re short on time.

How you test is up to you, you can download the daily (or beta), write to thumb-drive and boot and perform a live test on real hardware, or boot/install it in a VM. All testing is welcome.

Our newest Lubuntu member David (KGIII/uninvolved) has written about his own beta testing here on linux-tips and it’s worth a read.

Getting the download

You can download the Jammy Jellyfish daily build here.

Recording the results

To record your testing, you’ll need a Launchpad/Ubuntu One login. Go here to create one if you haven’t already got one.

To look at all teams testsuites for jammy, though our install testcases can be found here, and the primary ISO and QA testing tracker can be found here.

Our current behavior when we run a QA-test install is to use the “Install using Calamares (entire disk)” testcase, where in the Comments section we use the first line to briefly list hardware used, the second line has an entry describing the testcase tested, like

Lenovo YG SL 7 14ITL05 i5-1135G7,16GB,Intel Iris Xe,WiFi, 512GB M2NVMe SSD
Testcase:UEFI+secure boot,no encryption,full disk with swap file,no Internet

which highlights it was a Secure uEFI install, no encryption, full disk with swap enabled, and no internet connected; all of which matches an testcase found on our checklist, this test performed by Lubuntu Council member Leó Kolbeinsson.

Another example is from Lubuntu member David/KGIII

MSI Modern 15 (Intel Core i5-10210U, Intel UHD, 32 GB RAM) .

How you describe your hardware is up to you, I get details from sudo lshw roughly in format

“Make model (cpu, ram, gpu)”

so my lenovo thinkpad x201 will show as

lenovo thinkpad x201 (i5-m520, 4gb, i915)

If you need help making sense of the testing checklist, then this wiki page may be helpful.

Reporting bugs

Follow the directions in the testsuite. If it does all of those things, great! If it doesn’t, we do need your help. Please file a bug on your testing box, and record the bug ID in the Bug (or Critical Bug) section in the page when complete.

Follow the directions in the bug report, and be as specific as you can. This is a key step - an unreported bug will be an unfixed bug. For details on reporting bugs please refer to our wiki page and don’t forget to include the bug report number in the test report.


If you have any questions, appropriate places to ask are of course, our discourse site or for faster responses please ask on IRC (#lubuntu-devel) or via our telegram channel

Testers can also chat live on IRC (#ubuntu-quality) or telegram (Ubuntu Testers).

Please note tests that complete okay with only minor issues should still be PASSED, but the bug ID reported in the “Bugs” section. If you consider it a show-stopper bug, record it in the “Critical bugs” section (failing the test if you believe absolutely necessary).

What’s New? and LXQt version

The Lubuntu team hoped for LXQt 1.0.0 to be in this release, having planned for it to be sync’d from upstream Debian sid where work was being done, alas that didn’t complete and we’re out of time. The backup was to package it ourselves, alas we’re a small team and resources for that weren’t available either.

If you’d like to step up and help us, the small Lubuntu team could definitely use the help. We’re especially short of packagers (who’d have guessed given LXQt 1.0.0 isn’t available as planned & expected due to lack of resources), plus artwork (we’re using the 21.10 sddm wallpaper again you might note, thankfully it was great image from Mahtamun Hoque Fahim).

Many changes have been made to the Ubuntu base, even if LXQt is still 0.17. Please see the release notes on our discourse for full details.


Thanks in advance to those of you who can help, and please reply on discourse with any issues, concerns, or questions!

ISO and QA testing tracker -

ISO testcases can take as little as 30 minutes to complete (including filing a report on the tracker), and whilst we have only a single testcase for installs on the site, we have an expanded checklist you can see at


Lubuntu would like members of the Ubuntu community to help testing the following

(1) Ensure firefox as a snap works as expected:

The firefox application is now a snap package for all Ubuntu 22.04 LTS systems (including flavors like our beloved Lubuntu). Whilst we’ve already attempted to ensure all links (eg. if using an app like featherpad and you click a link) open as expected, and we’d appreciate yor help in ensuring there aren’t any missing surprises we missed.

Please note: We’re aware that firefox appears twice in the menu; we’ve not found the reason for this yet though; so any clues you discover would be appreciated (Ubuntu Desktop if the canary ISO is used also has this issue). Also there are cases where LibreOffice help gives a 404 error due to confinement issue which is being worked on.

(2) Ensure there are no mishaps with dropped packages:

You’ll note at our discourse in this post that we’ve dropped trojita, k3b and fcitx from Lubuntu 22.04 LTS. This won’t impact many users, but it will some. We’d appreciate users (especially those that use these programs) help test that they can still use them after upgrade, or on new installs of Lubuntu 22.04 LTS beta. Refer to the link I provided for what documentation we currently have, and please report any problems you have (esp. if not covered by our documentation).

(3) No issues with the calamares installer:

Lubuntu is only one of two flavors using the calamares installer (instead of Ubuntu’s default ubiquity desktop installer) so we’d appreciate any testing you can perform on this installer.

Lubuntu’s testcases for installs are found here with the documentation on understanding the types of installs found here. If your installs encounter issues, please file a bug report using ubuntu-bug calamares and provide as much detail about the type of install you were trying as possible.

(4) Anything else that’s important to you, on your Lubuntu install.

Only you know how you use your Lubuntu system, so you’re the best person to find issues that will impact you in your normal usage. You can use the system normally when testing it, just reporting any issues you encounter.

Lubuntu jammy jellyfish (22.04) tracker issue link

Please see this discourse post which is one location where we are tracking various items on our ‘watch list’. When Ubuntu have started their tracker on the community hub, I’ll add the link here too.

If you need help, or have questions.

If you need help, please don’t forget our links page for where you can get in touch with your Lubuntu team, or just use our discourse here. Finally, our Release notes and more Lubuntu 22.04 (jammy) announcements will be found too on our discourse.


I’ll provide some links if people want more details/reading