Dropping trojita/k3b/fcitx from Lubuntu jammy (22.04) seed

The progress towards Lubuntu jammy (will be 22.04 on release) continues, with a recent change being the dropping of trojita, fcitx and k3b from the seed.

What this means is

  • new installs will not include trojita, fcitx and k3b by default
  • upgrades from prior releases (ie. 20.04 or 21.10) will cause the packages to be removed; unless you’ve caused them to be marked as manually installed.

In the following I’ll use trojita or the mail client (mail user agent) as my example, but the commands will work for any of fcitx or k3b if you just replace trojita in the commands with the package you want to keep (ie. be it fcitx or k3b).

New installs

If you do a fresh install of Lubuntu jammy or 22.04; and want to use trojita as your mail client (MUA), you can install it very easily

sudo apt install trojita

Of course if you want to use another mail client, it’ll install the same way; but you’re also welcome to install via Muon Package Manager or Discover Software Centre too.

Upgraded installs

If you’re on a 20.04 (focal) or 21.10 (impish) and don’t want to lose the package on your upgrade (ie. you use & like it) you can stop this via

sudo apt-mark manual trojita

which will cause the package to be marked as manually-installed which will stop removal of the package during the subsequent do-release-upgrade.