Lubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) Daily Build - External disks (ntfs) not mounted after update

I installed Lubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) two days ago, no problems with my external disks (ntfs).
Today after booting PC, maybe after todays APT updates my external disks cannot be mounted.

I get an error

Install TestDisk from the repo’s and run a scan on the drive in question and follow prompts, it should be able to fix it for you easily enough :slight_smile:

I plugged my external disks into another Lubuntu 23.10 system, which wasn’t updated recently, and they were mounted, no problems.

So must have been something with todays APT updates on my system, so it doesn’t mount it, with given error.

That’s why I’m not sure if I shall fix something on my external disks with TestDisk, because they seem to be OK.

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I’ve noticed no problems with external drives, however I rarely use NTFS, and thus wouldn’t know if the external drives I’ve used were that format or something else.

I’d expect the issue is a need to file-system check your drive/partition(s) (ie. chkdsk), but being a foreign file-system, I’d prefer to use a OS where it’s native (I don’t use windows, thus why I rarely touch NTFS as I’d not have anything to run chkdsk on).

Problems can occur on development releases; I’m not on my primary PC has its now only got 3 screens active on primary GPU, the secondary card’s two screens go dark in sddm (normal) but remain dark whilst I’m logged in (abnormal), I didn’t get that behavior using yesterday’s live system (daily 20230729 I believe) so I’ve not reported any bugs yet, as I’ve not yet ruled out it’s a configuration issue on my actual install. For now I’m watching it (am using a different box, and will soon be testing the newest daily on my primary box).

I’d look at what ‘updates’ you downloaded/installed and see if anything changed that could influence your reading the external drive. You won’t always succeed (I didn’t see anything that would cause issue myself, but as I don’t reboot the box that often I had a number of days of upgrades/changes & may have missed something).

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