Lubuntu 21.04 white color very high

Using Nvidia binary driver 465.27 and disabled nouveau driver and default settings in nvidia control panel and bright panel.
The problem is that white color is very high how if OS is using an color settings.
Is how if all screen is using an color adjust that does white color to be an high bright level.
That not is changed using nvidia control panel or the bright panel.

I had posted in ubuntu forums in 06-2021
at moment not solution.

That issue happen much with games and not with videos.
Also is hard to use photo editor because the color not are correct.

Not problems with monitor or vga cable. Monitor not is the problem because had tested with another LCD monitor and happen the same problem.

Thanks for read my topic.

Please see the link below where was posted more details and screenshot in nvidia linux forums.

see the screenshots with naming 21.04 how the window title font is extremely white comparing with 20.04.3.
bug in nvidia driver or OS using an wrong icc and or an internal “color correction” breaking the white color ?
Tested 20.04.3 with nouveau because not nvidia drives was released for 20.04.3 in moment , but in 21.04 using nouveau also happen that problem.
20.04.3 happen that problem with white color, but much less than 21.04.

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