Lubuntu 21.04 is possible remove the LXQT component window effects?

Please see the link below

After doing some test the issue not exactly related with nvidia driver.
I want to do a test removing or disable totally the LXQT component window efffects.
If not is possible remove only disable all options in LXQT window effect control panel disable totally that feature.
In 20.04.3 not has any LXQT control panel window effects.

Thanks for reply.

Window effects can be found here in the manual

Sorry I’m not sure exactly what you’re after, and cannot help with your white color issue.

Thanks for your reply.
All is about compton thus if compton not is loaded not look changing anything in screen.

About the white color issue look how if is detail or setting in how Linux use colors in screen.
Unhappily almost not information for users about it.
Another strange detail is if using redshift and using a 4000 K color temperature not is exactly 4000 K. Windows look exactly 4000 K.
Testing with anothers softwares (gammy and others) is the same result.
Is how if Linux use a filter above of all colors changing white color point.
Linux use LCD monitor with VGA cable how being CRT monitor.

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