Lubuntu 21.04 hirsute how configure monitor color profile icc icm?

In Ubuntu documentation has details about configure monitor color profile icc icm and control panel softwares not available in Lubuntu Preferences Menu.

How configure ? Need install some softwares ?
Thanks for your reply.

I have no experience with it, but you could try colord-kde

I quickly loaded it, and it provides a picture and various settings (that alter the colors in the picture), once installed a Color Profile Viewer appeared in the System Tools menu on my test system; but it appeared to be operated from terminal. It mentions ICC Profile, but I have no idea how you’d make use of it sorry.

I didn’t explore what already existed on this forum earlier; but the link may contain more detail

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I has tested in same machine Lubuntu 20.04 using nvidia proprietary drivers and happen the same problem with white color much less than hirsute 21.04. In compare the white color is 5 times less high than hirsute 21.04.
Is being almost impossible edit photos being how an filter is above all white colors and I not understand if changing bright or gamma.
Not happen much with videos.
Any software in window title the name are extremely bright.
Games are extremely white color high.

Another user saying about the same problem.

The problem not is related with the control panel bright setting or nvidia control panel.

Perhaps I will return to focal.
I not understand if is problem with nvidia driver or OS.

Hey see the link below

Perhaps the problem is enabled an wrong icc ?
Trying figure how change icc and enable to display for test.

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