Lubuntu 21.04 error

I am getting a "dependencies cannot be satisfied" in the Qt installer when trying to install Google Chrome and also Opera Browser..Can someone help me with this? Thanks Michael

This might have something to do with it but I am not 100% sure:

Given that both Chrome and Opera are not open source, I don’t think there can be much guarantee with them working flawlessly.

Can you post pictures (e.g. screenshot) of the exact error you’re seeing from the Qt installer? I don’t think we can give much feedback but I can at least try to help in pinpointing why it’s failing. My gut is telling me it’s likely due to the release being EOL but it’s also too soon to say.

Also, can you let me know where you got the packages for Opera and Chrome from? I’m assuming you got them directly from their sites given they aren’t in the repos. Opera is available as a snap btw.

Alternatively, you can install Chromium (the project Google Chrome is based on) instead of Chrome.

You can see the following Lubuntu manual page for info on getting both Opera and Chromium via Discover (software catalog):


Lubuntu 21.04 is now EOL or end-of-life and thus unsupported on this site.

Official blog - (the official blog propagates to other sites as well (eg. Planet Ubuntu let alone appearing in many RSS feeds etc)

plus the links already provided by @That_Random_Guy in his prior post on this site.

FYI: I had both opera-stable and google-chrome-stable installed on this box, and also did so without issues on this box for the six months I was running hirsute (21.04), but given the release is now unsupported I’ve moved the question to off-topic and you’ll find many of us won’t provide support for your release, unless it’s specific questions related to helping you move to a supported release (which will get more and more difficult as time progresses, as you’ll note in this notice

As of January 20, 2022, Ubuntu 21.04 is no longer supported. No more package updates will be accepted to 21.04, and it will be archived to in the coming weeks.

I added the bold; the move has not yet occurred in my check before I wrote this, but it can occur anytime now (I noted a number of packages for hirsute were still in -proposed waiting their seven days… maybe Brian is waiting for that to pass so they can get archived as well instead of being dropped & work done being lost… either way any users who upgraded to impish had got those fixes already so waiting makes no sense before upgrade)

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Thanks for reply,which is noted.
I have installed lubuntu 22.04 and unfurtunately I am still getting exactly the same dependency error so would appreciate some help to sort this out as I cannot install Third party software Ie Chrome,opera or Vivaldi browsers which are all deb files which install no problem using Gdeb in Debian 10 OS ? Plse help thanks Michael PS never had any problems when Lubuntu was using LMDE desktop!!!

Lubuntu 22.04 doesn’t yet exist; it’s Lubuntu jammy and isn’t set for release until 21 April 2022, and doesn’t take on the name of 22.04 until it reaches RC or Release Candidate stage which is set to occur on or after 14 April 2022; ie. it’s Lubuntu jammy currently, with it still being in alpha or early in the development cycle, not yet having reached beta.

For Lubuntu jammy the schedule can be found here -, but thanks for helping to test what will become our next major release.

The only LMDE I know of is Linux Mint Debian Edition which is the non-Ubuntu version of Linux Mint (using the Cinnamon desktop), having nothing to do with Lubuntu at all. Did you mean LXDE which is a desktop; where as LMDE is not.

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Please post screenshots for the error you’re seeing.

How to take screenshots in Lubuntu:

I’m assuming you’re using Firefox to post here? If not, Firefox will ork fine to at least post your pictures on here.

Please make sure to capture as many details for the error… if you have to expand the box to show more text, this will help us see why it’s failing.

Also, again… you should find both Opera and Chromium in Discover. Please consider searching for them there.


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