Lubuntu 21.04 is now End-of-Life

Lubuntu 21.04 was released back on 22 April 2021 and reaches it’s EOL on 20 January 2022.

One of the included wallpapers.

This means if you’re still using Lubuntu 21.04, you have at most a week to plan and perform your release-upgrade to move to the newer Lubuntu 21.10 release. If you don’t upgrade in time, you’ll find all security updates will cease, and adding software or subsequent release-upgrades maybe become more difficult.

If this is you, please note the following which are useful, starting with Lubuntu release notes

to ensure you don’t have any specific issues with your hardware with your Ubuntu base, it’s always a good idea to also scan or read the standard Ubuntu releases notes too

and the Lubuntu’s manual guide to release-upgrading

If you have issues, Lubuntu 21.04 is still currently supported so ask for support here, or your preferred support medium, and we’ll be happy to help you where we can.

If you’d like to confirm this, you can use ubuntu-security-status

fyi: If you’re wondering why it’s 20 January and not 22-January; it’s following a Ubuntu convention where The Ubuntu Release Team decide the date, often using the closest Thursday; the day used by default for releases.


Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) End of Life reached on January 20 2022 (ie. a day ago)

As of January 20, 2022, Ubuntu 21.04 is no longer supported. No more package updates will be accepted to 21.04, and it will be archived to in the coming weeks…


I read somewhere in Lubuntu literature that 21.04.4 is LTS and goes until 2023. Is that no longer correct?

That was never the case, and you’re basing it either on incorrect or misunderstood facts.

Ubuntu 21.04 release announcement examples are

or for Lubuntu 21.04 specifically

LTS releases of Ubuntu have been

6.06, 8.04, 10.04, 12.04, 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 & 20.04

ie. the first release of an even year, with the next scheduled for 2022-April (ie. 22.04), so the pattern is not new.

re: 6.06; it was late that year & thus release occurred in June 2006 thus 6.06; all releases since then were in April of the even year.

PS: If you read it somewhere, please provide details to where, as it if it was an official (Ubuntu/Lubuntu) site I’d like to correct it (but I bet it wasn’t)

Fair enough, I expected to be corrected . :>(

FYI: Maybe you’re thinking of our next release which is Lubuntu 20.04.4

it’s currently the focus of much testing

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Even worse, I am conflating 20.04 with 21.04. I installed 20.04.3 on my inspiron 530 dual core after seeing how fast the live cd ran. Used apt to update and upgrade today. The info about 20.04.x being LTS was on the same web page that cautioned not to rely on other websites with Lubuntu in their name. Sorry can’t remember which.

Yes, that is it. 20.04.4. The descrjption referred to said doing apt update/upgrade would bring me up to date with 20.04.4 or at least what’s available of it now… If true, I have an installation that might be worth testing. BTW, is the system upgrade popup referring to 20.04.4 or latest 21.x? And how do I disable it?

Tnx in adva ce for this conversation. Best, Chuck

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If you’re running a Ubuntu 20.04 system, upgrades will only upgrade you to later packages on the existing release; that may mean a Ubuntu 20.04.3 system upgrades to a 20.04.4 system (some upgrades require sudo apt full-upgrade) but you’re still using 20.04 (the final .3 or .4 just a reflection of upgrade level).

To switch releases refer to the manual, where you’ll note the aforementioned apt full-upgrade is only used to ensure you’ve applied all upgrades, then a different command performs the release-upgrade.