Lubuntu 20.04 fully dark theme (background windows too)?


I’ve been trying to get a FULLY dark theme for the current Lubuntu version. I googled a lot, tried a lot of instructions but… no luck. The most I got is a PARTIALLY dark theme: it turns dark most of it, but the windows in the file explorer still have a white background. Installing dark themes didn’t work and Tweaks isn’t really useful.
Is there any easy way (and I mean easy: couple of clicks in the settings screen or something) to do it?

(Ps. I found some other threads about more or less that same question in this forum, but I didn’t find any useful answer there.)


Hi @a_s, I used qt5ct package which is QT5 Configuration Tool. First, install it:

sudo apt-get install qt5ct

then set variables in LXQT Session Settings:


to value “qt5ct”.
Logout/log back in. And then run qt5ct tool in terminal:


I set Style to “breeze” and Color Scheme to “darker”.


Thank you very much! It probably works, but the thing is I don’t know how to configure LXQT Session Settings. I get there but I don’t know where should I put that QT_PLATFORM thing. In case you didn’t notice, I’m far away from being an Ubuntu geek :slight_smile:. That’s why I asked for a couple of clicks thing, more like. I’ll google a bit about it. So far, I got nothing useful, though…

@a_s no worries, everybody needs to do a bit of digging sooner or later

LXQT Session Settings are available under:
main menu -> Preferences -> LXQt settings -> LXQt Session Settings
and then choose the tab “Environment (Advanced)” to get to the list of variables you need to update with these two new entries
good luck!

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Thanks again. It worked. As for the background of the file explorer windows, it did the trick.

I did it that way and was no longer able to change my desktop background. Surely there must be an easier way to do this? Why does changing the Lubuntu theme only apply to the menu and taskbar area?

Well, I’ve jus tried and I could change it, you know, right click, desktop preferences… Anyone else with the same problem?

I wasn’t talking about changing the background.

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