Dark theme or dark mode for Lubuntu 20.10

With Lubuntu 20.10 what is the best way to enable dark mode or theme,
I want all of them to be dark, file manager, lubuntu menus, and so on,

I did follow this link: https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/lubuntu-20-04-fully-dark-theme-background-windows-too/1219

but it makes the menu start icon goes blank, why not make it into built in official?

I see obconf is installed by default at lubuntu 20.10, but I can not get it working,
may be I need qt5ct installed?

I solved it by my self, by using kvantum manager,

####kvantum (unified theme manager)
apt install adapta-kde

For additional themes

apt install qt5-style-kvantum-themes


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