Lubuntu 20.04: an opportunity to change

Hi to Everybody.

The big change made with Lubuntu 20.04, in my opinion, could be the opportunity to revise all those programs that are included in the default installation.

I don’t find useful at all to have a program as Noblenote, or I would like to have another task manager different from qps, for example.

On the opposite, I would like to have KDE-connect to come with the default installation…


Yeah I don’t use notes either, but that’s because I prefer text editors to keep notes. I might be a little strange in that regard. I do use my computer for notes, though.

qps is a little rough around the edges. ksysguard could be a very good alternative. Actually it looks to me like it’s smaller! I’m honestly shocked but installed size is 987.0 kB versus 1,199.0 kB for qps. There’s more dependencies, so that’s probably the explanation.

KDE-connect is kind of a nice thing. I’m not sure we want to make it default. Don’t you use it @kc2bez? What do you think?

My suggestion: remove LibreOffice Math.


I do use KDE connect and find it useful. Having notifications from my phone displayed on my computer allow me to focus on my computer. I don’t have to keep checking my phone to see what the notification was all about. I also like the file transfer function. The thing I possibly love the most is being able to share web urls with my desktop browser. If I encounter a web page on my phone that is tl;dr I can share it with my desktop and read it in a format I prefer.

qps received a sizable update to 2.0.0 that landed 20.04. I think it does seem a bit better.That being said I agree ksysguard is a good choice.

Same here. I’ve tested it to make sure it “functions” but I’ve never really used it.


Admittedly if you use Firefox Sync, you can do the same thing without KDE connect.


While that is true, I don’t actually use Firefox sync. The great thing about KDE connect is the “connection” is directly from my phone to my computer. In addition, I can share a url from any application and it will launch on my desktop.
I think it is nifty software overall but I am not necessarily sure it is for everyone.


sudo apt install gnome-disk-utility

sudo apt install gufw

sudo apt install xfburn

If there are GTK dependencies, the answer is no. That applies, in this case, to all three.

Here’s an idea: adding graphicsmagick, which can be set up to give us PDF thumbnails. I didn’t know about this but I love ImageMagick and I’m inclined to make the switch.


I think pdftoppm is more fast and already instaled in Lubuntu.

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May I suggest a very simple program? It’s ucaresystem-core, a package that does very simple but annoying tasks: it updates, autoremoves etc. without typing every time all the commands.
It has its specific repository, I use it from Trusty Tahr and when you have several computers to manage it is very handy. I think it should be in every Ubunty flavours.

Lubuntu should not be a distro, where packages from all over the world are put into the iso.

ucaresystem-core is not in the official repositories.

If you need a package, which “does very simple but annoying tasks”, then Linux is, in my opinion, not the best choice. There are other operating systems, which are doing “very simple and annoying tasks”, without asking the user.

You can always write a script, which does the annoying tasks for you and you can also automate them with cron or systemd services and timers. Therefore, ucaresystem-core is totally unneeded.

And Lubuntu has a way to upgrade the system.


I’d agree, but it’s a bit harsh.

Yes, of course it was only a suggestion: I think that it’s normal to propose, maybe it’s normal to develop a discussion too.

I didn’t want to question the way Lubuntu upgrades the system, however I find ucaresystem-core package very useful.

Only normal - and I hope - uncensored discussion: without questioning who and in what way should use Linux.

I love Linux, I love Lubuntu: consider in the end that I am only a beginner :blush:


Yes, to discuss is the goal of this thread. I gave only an answer from my point of view, why I don’t want to add it to the installation image.
I never said, that my opinion is the only one and I never said, that it is decided in this way.
The discussion is still open for everyone.

Yes, I understand, that the package is useful for your needs. And I did not say, that you should not use it. And if I give the advice, not to use it, than I give also a short explanation, why you should not use it.

I have just pointed out, that the package is not in the official repositories, which makes it harder to include into the official installation image. And I don’t see any benefits by including it. And also that Lubuntu should aim to be leightweight, also with the number of included packages.

The discussion was not censored. I did not (and cannot) delete and I did not request to delete something. And if everyone has the same point of view, the discussion is easier, but less interesting.

I know, it is very hard to change the opinion of a person. But the forum is open, also other people can read it, can think about the arguments.
And I often see things in this and also other forums (things like the [ab]use of sudo, wrong use of chmod, et cetera), where I think, it is necessary and also worth to intervene. To clearly say “No, don’t do it” and to explain why it is wrong or at least, how they should do it.
And I don’t mind to correct also people, who have years of “experience”, written several 10’000 posts in a forum. The “experienced” users are often the worst ones, because they are often not ready or able to learn new things (“I never had problems”, “It always worked like this”).
In this case, I don’t write for the “experienced” users, but for all the beginners and interested people. For all, which are willing to learn or to think twice about a problem.

And please: Never take something personally. I don’t know you as a person, I can see only what you are writing. And English is not my native language, I have to translate everything and this makes it also harder to understand and “translate” the hidden meanings of a message.


English is not my native language too (I’m italian), so I fully understand what you mean!
Thank you very much for your very detailed reply.

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I also use KDE Connect, I don’t know if a default installation would be the best option, maybe a lot of people don’t use it, but maybe we should think of a post installation list with recommended software


There are a lot of blogs that suggests what to do after an installation of a Distro: rarely I’ve found an official post installation list with suggested software, this would be a 5 stars treatment for the Lubuntu users.
Great idea, maybe the list could be organized in lists based on what you want to do (e.g: software for video editing; codecs for dvd etc.).
So, finally we could avoid to read posts of very general blogs like “ten things to do after an Lubuntu installation”… :grin:

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I am not against the post installation list as such - but making it official might involve additional support.
How about adding an additional category to this forum where users can discuss additional software,their experiences etc etc.

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