How to create desktop Icon for Qterminal?

Spend many hours coding so need an icon on my lubuntu desktop as shortcut to Qterminal. Possible ?

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Have you looked at the manual?

You didn’t provide release details, so I’ll provide the latest stable release manual link which is Lubuntu 23.04.

Search for “Adding and removing items from the desktop

I opened pcmanfm-qt & navigated to qterminal & drag/dropped it on my desktop… and it was there in a second… alas with red “!” meaning I had to click ‘I trusted’ it each time…

A quick right-click and “Trust this executable” and it doesn’t require permission from me to start. To me the manual is pretty clear; what did you not understand?

You didn’t provide release details; so I just quickly tested what I read in the manual on my own current release


thank you much. really just forgot how and only just finding lubuntu manuals. Think i spent too many years programming IBM systems :flushed::grin::grin::pray:


You can feel safe that you won’t see any

“This page intentionally left blank”

in our manuals :slight_smile:

I can’t recall the exact wording; but it was something like that that filled the old JCL, MVS, and other s390 manuals I remember relying on for years.

This page shows how to use the URL to control version of manual you see.

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