How to add a folder into "Places"

I’d like to add the “Downloads” folder into the list of “Places” in PCManFM-Qt. I’d also like to remove the “Network” item. I can’t find the way to do it in the Manual. If it’s possible, how can it be done?

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You can right click and hide items from “Places”.

You can navigate to a folder and add it as a bookmark, which adds it to the same left sidebar.

Will that work for you?


Thank you KGIII, I have discovered the Bookmarks. But as a part of my learning process, I’d like to learn to add folders to the Places and I can’t find a way to do it. Unless it’s something truly hardwired that can’t be changed by the user, of course.

I did some digging last night and bookmarks are stored in a file called with file URIs, that look something like:


I’d wonder if there’s a similar file somewhere for Panel entries - but I’ve been unable to find it. I looked for it prior to making my post. It doesn’t appear to be a user file, at any rate. So, it’s something owned by the system (is my guess, assuming it’s not hard coded).

I used a clean installation to check and rooted through all of the ~/ with a specific concentration on files in the .config directory. Search as I might, even checking PCManFM-Qt results online, I can’t find it.

It might just be hard coded.


Thank you very much KGIII I started learning Lubuntu about a month ago and I’m very much still exploring. You can close this thread.


You can mark an answer as “Accepted” and the system should close the thread 60 minutes after the last reply (I believe).


I apologize for adding a secondary question to the thread, but how do I mark it “Accepted”? I only see the checkbox for “Solution”.

I think I had my terms confused - the “Solution” box is probably the right one.

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