How can I set Compose key in Lubuntu LXQt?


I found but the Keyboard Layout Handler doesn’t exist in current Lubuntu 19.04. How can I set a Compose key for entering several chars?

I am using an English US AltGr Intl keyboard layout, and I want CapsLock to be the Compose key.

If I need to edit a hidden file like .xinput or another, please tell me so.

Hii @lobaluna Thanks for your query.
Keyboard Layout handler exists in 19.04. Here’s how to configure it:

  • Go to Applications Menu → Preferences → LXQT-settings → Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Go to “Keyboard Layout”
  • Set Keyboard Layouts
  • Select the key you want to use as compose key from the drop down menu in front of “Keys to change Layout”

Tip: maximize the window to clearly see the longer options in the drop down menu.
Hope this helps. Let us know if you face any difficulties.

Hi, The_LoudSpeaker

Sorry to contradict you. I’m on Ubuntu 19.04 and that is not an option available… Following there’s a screenshot of my current settings dialog.


Maybe somewhere else? I currently have Compose key defined in ~/.xinit thru setxkbmap command.

My point is either the above mentioned webpage is outdated or something is wrong in my desktop. If the later i s correct, your instructions aren’t working either. Sorry.

Those instructions won’t work coz you yourself are overriding them by setting it through ~/.xinit
Remove that setting and then try the above instructions.
You should probably use fcitx. It’s best. I guess it’s provided with lubuntu. If not then you can install it with one command : sudo apt install fcitx

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