How to set up Compose Key?

I tried following the advice in this thread to set the compose key:

But, it doesn’t work. I tried setting the key, no dice; restarting the computer didn’t make it work either.

Anyone know how to do this? I use it all the time, so it really slows down my work to have to go into the special character menu in Libreoffice, for example.

ETA: apparently my choice for “Keys to change layout” isn’t “sticking”. I go into the menu, select R-Ctrl, click “apply” and close the menu, then if I open the menu again the option says “none.”

We’ve got another ongoing thread here that indicates there may be an issue with the shortcut setting for that. We are still looking into it further but appreciate any feedback that you may have.

I don’t really have any feedback other than what I put in my initial post, but if there are things you think I should try I am happy to do so and report back on what happens.

@jpc2769, I am the one who posted the issue with Compose key in the thread you mentioned in your first post. As you pointed out, the proposed solution doesn’t work.

And the thread that @kc2bez mentions is not exactly about Compose key.

So the thing about Compose key remains unsolved in Lubuntu 19.10. I used to solved it thru .xinitrc or .xprofile files, and logging out then in. But now there is no solution to our problem :frowning:

@lobaluna I’ve never bothered with xinitrc or xprofile. In my mind, this might be appropriate if you were starting from scratch (think Arch) but for LXDE and LXQt (and just about every other mature desktop environment), with the Freedesktop Autostart Specification being implemented, it seems a little low level.

In both desktop environments, their respective session manager allows for the autostart of an arbitrary command, which in this case would be setxkbmap -option compose:key. Options for this command can be found in the xkeyboard-config manpage, the relevant items here being:

   Position of Compose key

       │Option                Description                     │                                                      
       │compose:ralt          Right Alt                       │                                                      
       │compose:lwin          Left Win                        │                                                      
       │compose:lwin-altgr    3rd level of Left Win           │                                                      
       │compose:rwin          Right Win                       │                                                      
       │compose:rwin-altgr    3rd level of Right Win          │                                                      
       │compose:menu          Menu                            │                                                      
       │compose:menu-altgr    3rd level of Menu               │                                                      
       │compose:lctrl         Left Ctrl                       │                                                      
       │compose:lctrl-altgr   3rd level of Left Ctrl          │                                                      
       │compose:rctrl         Right Ctrl                      │                                                      
       │compose:rctrl-altgr   3rd level of Right Ctrl         │                                                      
       │compose:caps          Caps Lock                       │                                                      
       │compose:caps-altgr    3rd level of Caps Lock          │                                                      
       │compose:102           <Less/Greater>                  │                                                      
       │compose:102-altgr     3rd level of <Less/Greater>     │                                                      
       │compose:paus          Pause                           │                                                      
       │compose:prsc          PrtSc                           │                                                      
       │compose:sclk          Scroll Lock                     │                                                      
       │                                                      │                                                      

It certainly seems that it’s an omission not to allow for keyboard options, as there are quite a plethora. There’s an upstream issue that smells like a request to select at least one set of options.

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@wxl Thanks for your kind response!

I didn’t mean to complain ;D
I’m sorry if I looked that way.

Your solution is very light, indeed. Thanks! Anyway, it’s good to know the nuts and bolts of everything. Yes, .xinitrc is low level, but it is not that bad either.

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Well, maybe you were complaining, but in a good way. You certainly exposed a problem that needs to be fixed in a way that is more user friendly. I’m not sure if you peeked at the upstream bug, but there was a positive response in regards to adding a feature to allow for the addition of arbitrary xkeyboard-config options.

That said, please keep complaining. It helps :wink:

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:sweat_smile: Sure I’ll do!

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