Development Meetings

There are two regular weekly development meetings that we have:

  1. Thursday 1800 UTC: Packaging meeting
    • This is intended as a sprint to actually perform packaging. All developers and aspiring packagers are welcome. We’re happy to answer questions for the curious.
  2. Thursday 2100 UTC: General team meeting
    • This is a “standup” where contributors report on what they’ve been working on.
    • We always welcome suggestions, comments and questions from the public at large and this is a good place to pose them.
    • This is also a good place to figure out how to contribute if you are so inclined.

In case it is not clear, all of these meetings are open to all, so feel free to join, if not for any other reason, but to observe.

All of these meetings occur on our development channel #lubuntu-devel on This channel is also bridged on Matrix and Telegram and can be accessed over the web as well. Links can be found on the website.

Note: If you miss a meeting, you can catch up later too as IRC logs are kept at