Development for the week of February, 26 - March,4 2021

  1. State of Debian merges

    1. Debian Import Freeze
      1. Done
      2. IN-PROGRESS
      3. TODO
  2. State of upstream development (mostly LXQt, Calamares)

    1. Milestone/release updates
      1. Calamares
        1. Just released 3.2.37 Uploaded 20210228
    2. Policy change/news
    3. New features
    4. Discussions that affect us
      1. kpmcore doesn't support dosfstools 4.2 yet, which fails to create GPT partitions · Issue #1637 · calamares/calamares · GitHub
      2. Add an option to include more than one keyboard layout and an option to set keys for switching keyb layouts. · Issue #1642 · calamares/calamares · GitHub
    5. Fixes for downstream bugs
  3. Bugs in our packageset

    1. Which are hot?
    2. Which need triage/help?
  4. State of testing

    1. How are things progressing?
    2. What bugs are we seeing?
      lp 1905947 discussed upstream, issue is with Qt (crash) itself & not LXQt. Monitoring & hoping next merge will fix.
    3. Is additional help needed?
    4. Is there any special testing that needs to happen?
      1. T58
      2. T83
  5. Tasks in Phabricator

    1. Which need triage?
      1. T183
      2. T175 Triaged
      3. T173 Triaged
      4. T160
      5. T157
      6. T156 Triaged
      7. T89 Closed
    2. Should any be added to or dropped from milestones?
    3. Should any be closed?
    4. Can any of the unassigned/scopeless tasks be assigned or scoped?
  6. Pull requests in Phabricator

    1. Are there any waiting on review?
  7. Pull requests on Github

    1. Are there any waiting on review?
      1. There are 3 fixes and 1 addition for Japanese support. by FuRuYa7 · Pull Request #2 · lubuntu-team/lubuntu-update-notifier · GitHub
      2. Add shortcut to configure display by ACamposPT · Pull Request #1 · lubuntu-team/lubuntu-default-settings · GitHub
  8. Support requests

    1. Are there any unsolved/difficult issues that need help?
      1. contributing patches · Issue #6 · lubuntu-team/pastebinit · GitHub
      2. Bug on update notifier, lxqt, while dragging window · Issue #1 · lubuntu-team/lubuntu-update-notifier · GitHub
  9. New code needed

    1. T29
    2. T28
    3. T18
    4. T17
    5. T34 Closed
    6. T33
    7. T19
    8. T31
    9. T24
    10. T57
    11. T68
    12. T23
    13. T182
      1. Are these all still relevant?

This is essentially our agenda for the next general team meeting. Feel free to ask questions, make comments, and add to the agenda, not to mention joining the meeting!


Triaged T175, T173, and T156. T89 is already closed. T157 kind of inheriently needs triage, as it’s a parent for tasks without scope.

Regarding the GitHub pull requests, what workflow do we have to accept those? The jp support in update notifier is a good one for sure.

The display shortcut seems good, but I’m not sure. Since you’re a multimonitor guy, what do you think about it @guiverc ? (tl;dr making what is probably on most computers the media key associated with F4 open lxqt-config-monitor).

Pastebinit: sigh. I don’t think we can afford to maintain an entire piece of software and maintain all the packaging for Lubuntu. @tsimonq2 do you have any suggestions here?

This update-notifier bug is weiiiird. Any insight @hmollercl ?

All new code is relevant except T34 (closed). There are a couple that may be resolved upstream that are worth looking into but I doubt it: T28, T33. T128 is a fairly easy task among all of those, BTW.

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Sorry Walter, I’m not quite sure what you meant by …

If it’s what I think it is from your description (and don’t forget I love my old IBM model M keyboards so don’t even have a Super key, let alone Media, so maybe my thinking is too ancient anyway, though I attach modern keyboards regularly in testing…) I’m on the fence.

In my usage, I tend to move my screens or boxes around every 3 years, which means I’d set it & forget it (ie. not use it more than the once).

For testing, I’d love a Media but that’s because I’m using live media on various boxes with very different setup (but also wonder if it’ll be that helpful, as the various more modern keyboards I have vary in what they provide, some older keyboards have far more than the 2020 model dell keyboards I use which are all Fn for a lot of functions)

For users on laptops, sometimes with external displays, sometimes not; esp. if the setups vary on position of external displays (different desks being used), for those users I believe it makes a ton of sense. I used to move laptops between 3 base stations which all had different external display positions (left of base, right of, one above) and there it’d make sense. For me I’d still likely script something rather than have a to use a mouse as lxqt-config-monitor mostly requires, but I’m sure users would love Media catering for the changed display config… I’m just not sure how many users will benefit from that (but if the key isn’t used for anything else, they wouldn’t care I’d bet)

Chris, you figured out what I meant. I guess what I’m concerned about is there might be some other reason why someone might want to use that besides opening lxqt-config-monitor.

The only keys I find useful are play/stop/pause/next/prev & volume… Those are the only extra or media keys I use.

I may not be willing to give up using my old model M keyboards, but I loved those keys enough that most of my boxes have a second (more modern) keyboard within reach for those keys alone (my old 1980s IBM keyboards for my typing). I’m loath to use any other keys, as they seem to differ between keyboards; the HP to my left looks very different to the dell on this box as for media keys (and where they do have the same or similar graphic icon, the position varies greatly which is a pain for me who moves boxes)

Pressing the ‘envelope’ button does open up trojita but it’s not something I’d use (specifically meaning the key), but I bet many of our users would love that, not jumping between keyboards/boxes as readily as I do

I don’t believe I’m qualified to answer your question.


Okie dokie then. Thanks for trying :slight_smile: