Custom right mouse Click Menu

Is it possible to create a custom right mouse click menu. Currently system default is Create New, Paste Select all etc.

Untested by me, but a search brought up this:

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I think Daniel means the Desktop menu right ? (as opposed to FM).


I think this can help you:



Yes this is what I mean Desktop Menu RIght Mouse Click. Can we customize it ? I am used to openbox

Referring to this post, you can exploit a pcmanfm setting whereby you can set the right click to open the openbox menu (instead of the file-manager menu).

Preferences > LXQt settings > Desktop > Advanced

Show menus provided by window managers when desktop is clicked

This menu is found at
(but the items don’t work because lxsession-default / LXDE is no longer the default session manager). However the openbox menu mechanism still functions.)

Make a backup copy and edit it to what you like.
You will need administrator privileges or you can change the file ownership.

As an example, I changed lxsession-default calculator with kcalc to open the calculator.

To restart openbox, use
$ openbox --restart

(if you prefer not to change the system wide menu.xml, there is a more long winded way to do this using a local file. PM me if you need this).

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