Currently on Lubuntu 20.04.2, but being repeatedly asked to 'upgrade'

Have Lubuntu 20.04.2 installed on a Virtualbox VM, and have been using it for a few days, but I keep getting prompted to Upgrade (and it seems to want me to upgrade to 21.04 – I am guessing). While being on an LTS, this shouldn’t happen, right ? Anyway to turn it off ?

I’ll refer you to where the screen you need to change is the third picture down.


Show new distribution releases: Long term support releases only

The upgrade path from 20.04 is to 20.10 (not 21.04; you’ll go to 21.04 after 20.10), ie. every release, or if you wait until after 22.04.1 has been released, you’ll then be able to skip to the next LTS release.

If you want to change the frequency at which the notification occurs; I’ll refer you to an askubuntu question of mine - notification - How can I change the frequency of the Lubuntu Update Notifier (Lubuntu 20.04)? - Ask Ubuntu. This isn’t the easiest how to as it was in reply to someone who’d worked out how to do it themselves, but I still consider that a better alternative to changing the notification to “Never”.

Thanks @guiverc. In my case, it was already set to:
Show new distribution releases: Long term support releases only
but, I modified “Check for updates” set to “Every two weeks” (from “Daily”). After this change, I’ve had 3-4 reboots, but I still get the popup asking for permission to do a full-upgrade. I however, haven’t made the edit in the script. Isn’t this a bug, because the behaviour doesn’t seem intuitive.

Also, I’ve had Lubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu MATE 20.04 running on 2 other machines for quite a while, but never seen such behaviour as I see with Lubuntu. Wondering, why is it different ?

I don’t know your issue, so I’m only guessing.

I would open a terminal and

sudo apt update

to ensure your package lists are all updated, and look for any warnings & errors. Assuming that’s good; I would

sudo apt full-upgrade

to apply all upgrades, again watching for anything that looks unexpected/wrong…

If you only sudo apt upgrade for example; some packages may not be upgraded; causing notification of upgrades available to re-appear (until you apply them with full-upgrade) but as stated I’m guessing.

FYI: I’m on the development release, and do all my upgrading via terminal so I’m aware of packages that are upgraded… so I’m a little rusty on GUI tools on upgrading, thus my suggestion of commands.

Sounds like the Update Notifier (the first thing I disable).


And how does one do that safely ?

Read here and opinion seems divided (at least theoretically) on the safety of the approach.

Found this, and used this:

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