Chrome as default browser

I’d like to inform that there’s rather simple way to set up Chrome as default browser after installing its .deb package.

You just open LXQT session setting. On the last chapter there’s the note BROWSER firefox.

It’s not allowed to modify it. But if you delete it and create the new one, then it’ll be possible to write down Chrome manually ! The picture is attached.![Browser setting|649x500
After doing that in the chapter N2 from above there will be the option “browser” with Chrome already done !

After login - logout it works !

I hope it’ll work for others.

Best regards, Igor
Russia, Moscow.


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Unless there’s something weird going on, you can also select it in the application itself.

This is what it looks like in Chromium (but it’s identical for Chrome):

This is what it looks like when you’ve set it as the default in Chrome:

That’s all I needed to do to set it as the default browser. The Linux variant of Chrome/Chromium is capable of setting itself as the default with just a click of the button. I’m reasonably sure I didn’t do anything except set it in the application itself and now it works as the default handler for the web.

I might be missing something, but that has worked for me - for quite a while now.


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