Any known issues with Microsoft Live website and 20.04?

Recently, I installed 20.04 and also started using Microsoft Teams on their O365. I have to do this for work. The Microsoft website makes everything freeze occasionally. Then, today, my Hotmail web e-mail on Microsoft Live website also froze everything. I was pretty surprised. I usually use other email, but I have to use that Hotmail account sometimes. It never gave me problems in Lubuntu 17.10. Other than general MS crappiness, I don’t know if there are some specific known issues with *buntu or Firefox web browser…?

Have you contacted Microsoft support?
What about your hardware? Here is a link to the current hardware requirements for Microsoft Teams – scroll down to the Linux section.Teams Hardware requirements.

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I also have to use Microsoft products for work :frowning:. I use the Teams client for Linux and the web versions for the other O365 products. I run them on my somewhat aging 3rd gen i5 laptop that has Lubuntu 20.04 on it. I haven’t noticed the same issues. In fact, the web version of Outlook works much better than the phone client. Same for Teams. Both phone clients are slow to update sometimes and messages sent take several minutes.
I think I would chalk this up to…

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What web browser do you use? If you want, please reply at my new forum topic about this issue. Thanks.

I only contacted MS support via Reddit, and they didn’t reply. In fact, they seem to have deleted my question.

I am using a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop, circa 2009-2010. It is old, but it should be okay. I am wondering if it is a browser issue, and I just posted a new question about that in the Discourse if you are interested in pursuing this any more. Thanks.

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