Yellow September Campaign

The Yellow September campaign aims at preventing suicide and encouraging the development of positive community activities and actions, in favor of healthy environments and support channels for people who need help, who want to vent and talk about what they are going through. Another goal is to promote actions to value life.

The 10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day, and the Yellow September Campaign aims to offer some assistance to those how suffer from emotional or other problems, some of which may have been made worse by Covid-19 lock-downs (they still exist for any readers no longer enduring them)

This movement started in Brazil, but just because we don’t live there, the issues in our own communities tend to be the same, and there are always people who withdraw feeling no-one understands their issues, an issue that maybe made worse due to lock-downs.

This post was requested by a contributor involved with a Ubuntu re-spin, with the hope that

β€œthe Ubuntu community can come together again and help create healthy environments where everyone is welcome and can feel welcomed by the community, and also promote initiatives aimed at increasing teamwork, promoting peace, unity, and cooperation”.

A great aim & good cause :slight_smile: