World Clock Panel Error while using touch screen

Hi, I am using Lubuntu 22.04 Aarch64 version for RK3568.

I was testing my device for connecting with various touch screens.

Everything was fine with the RS232 touch screen for EETI eGalax touch screen after I installed the driver in the website.

Then, I connected with USB touch screens, which is made from ILITEK and ACDC.
It works well but if I click the World Clock panel, it shows calendar once and then click (Touch) doesn’t work only for the panel zone.
It still works perfectly for Desktop area or folder, but nothing works with the panel zone.
If I reboot the device it goes back to normal unless I click the world clock widget.

I tested with other OS, Ubuntu 18.04 or LXDE 18.04, etc… , and it doesn’t show this situation.

Is it a bug for the Lubuntu 22.04?

Looking upstream it sounds like this is a Qt bug that may be old, meaning it’s not clear whether or not the problem is actually fixed at this point or not.

The report points out that 5.15 is the last version of Qt and also that LXQt isn’t fully ported to Qt 6. The purported fix could be in Qt 5 somewhere or Qt 6. If it’s in 5, there are different point releases of 5.15:

  • 22.04: 5.15.3
  • 23.10: 5.15.10
  • 24.04: 5.15.12 (coming soon)

If it’s in Qt 6, it’s going to be a long wait.

Unfortunately almost none of us, including the main developer of LXQt, has access to a touch device, so it’s kind of hard to test these things out.

The upstream bug tracker for Qt is a morass of possibilities and I would need to spend a long time searching to even determine the state of the issue.

My advice: use the latest version of Lubuntu, as that is more likely to be a solution. Barring that, I think it’s just a waiting game for the Qt 6-equipped LXQt to come out. At least at that point, we’ll be able to definitively say whether or not it’s still a bug.

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Thanks for your reply.

I deleted World Clock and Ethernet configuration widget from the panel and then it didn’t crash for touching.

I could solve this by deleting those widgets from the panel waiting for new version of Lubuntu with QT6.

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