Wishlist: 'About Computer' information in Lubuntu

Do we have a ‘About computer’ like information in Lubuntu? I am expecting a ‘About This Mac’ like information where it has basic overview but also has option for advanced information if needed. Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE has this but for my taste bit bland. Kubuntu has KInfocenter which is pretty good. In Lubuntu, I see ‘About LXQt’ but did not find anything about computer. We should not expect new user to use uname, neofetch, lspci/lscpu etc.

Actually, this is already a known issue. Feel free to fix it! :slight_smile:

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@wxl, thank you for the link. Unfortunately, I do not have experience programming yet. But I would surely assist when I can. Considering the priority of T23 set to ‘low’, it could very well be my first project. :grinning: