Windows 10 to Lubuntu 20 with xRDP NOT working

HELP :-((

When I use remote desktop from windows 10 to Lububtu 20.04 running xrdp I get a blank screen with just the bar on the bottom. It connects very quickly with no errors, but not usable.

I have reinstalled and still exact same issue.

I am a very Un-experienced Linux user.

So what am I doing wrong???

WOW, I found the answer.

I did not keep the site address so I am not able to credit the smart person.

To fix xrpt from Windows
To solve this “second session” problem and allow as many sessions as you need, edit /etc/xrdp/ and add these lines before the lines that test and execute Xsession. The $HOME/.profile is not part of the solution, but is something that should be run before starting the session anyway.

. $HOME/.profile

To be honest, I have NO IDEA why it works, but it did work for me.