Windows 10 is not detected in GRUB

Hello all
Today I install lubuntu to dualboot with my windows 10, I selected the “Install Lubuntu alongside Windows 10” option in the installation menu.
But after rebooting, Windows 10 doesn’t appear in GRUB, I’ve tried various methods but it still doesn’t work :frowning:
Please help me, I still want to use my Windows 10, because there are many important files and applications there :slight_smile:

(sorry for my bad english, im using translate)


You’ve not provided your Lubuntu specifics, and whilst your provided picture links are very hard to read; I do note mention of a 4.15 kernel which Lubuntu hasn’t supported since 2021-April.

If windows is on an unclean file-system, it may also be ignored (unclean file-system can occur if the system was hibernated; which includes a system with fastboot enabled as that’s a form of hibernate).

I’m sorry, I forgot to give the version of lubuntu that I’m using. I use Lubuntu 16.04, initially I installed Lubuntu just to find out more about Linux, and I intend to return to Windows 10 after I use Lubuntu. What should I do so that Windows 10 can appear in the GRUB menu?

Regarding file-system uncleanness, I discovered that my C: disk was corrupted a month ago, but I repaired the disk using CHKDSK and there was no warning that my C: disk was corrupted again.

Lubuntu 16.04 LTS reached EOL back in 2019-April, and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS reached EOSS two years later (April 2021).

Please refer Ubuntu Fridge | Extended Security Maintenance for Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) begins April 30 2021

We don’t support windows either.

So can’t I go back to Windows 10 anymore? or should I upgrade my Lubuntu version to a higher version?

Okay, thanks for the answer.

The Lubuntu version you have would release-upgrade to 16.10 or to 18.04 which are both EOL or EOSS, so you’ve missed those upgrade options; besides they used the LXDE desktop, which Lubuntu no longer uses, thus a re-install was the supported way to use the modern Lubuntu. (Some documentation existed on LXDE to LXQt conversions, but that no longer exists on our site either)

We don’t support LXDE, or EOL releases of Lubuntu, so you’re asking at the wrong place. A generic Unix/Linux/POSIX site such as SE Unix & Linux, a Windows support site, or generic IT/Computer site would be appropriate.

We give warnings of upcoming END OF LIFE for a reason, as we don’t provide support post EOL. I’ve not closed this question; it was only moved to Offtopic as it is off-topic (with associated timer for offtopic questions)

If you ask on an appropriate site; I’ll suggest you provide pictures that are readable, and better provide text instead of pictures; I was unable to read any specifics, except when looking for release details noticed a 4.15 kernel (the oldest supported kernel for Lubuntu is actually 5.15!).


please help me to enter windows, I can’t do anything in my lubuntu now, I just want to enter windows.

my bios is Legacy and disk MBR

please help me :pray::pray:

Please give the content of the file /etc/default/grub

How did you arrive with such an old version ? Always get your iso from the official website

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How did you get such an old version in the first place? Did you use is outdated btw), or ?

If you have another pc, put the latest lubuntu on it to install over the other lubuntu. And don’t forget to use , not !

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